Week 41: Ari, Eikka, Minna and Raimo


Saturday 5.10.2013


Crew change in quite windy weather but fortunately from the south so we could load and unload in north harbour. Mats is our skilled skipper, he can guide Sefyr through all kinds of weather safely.

Old crew was happy and wistful at the same time, new crew was happy and tired. Waking up at four am is not something you usually do on Saturdays so the first day here seems to be very long.

These surroundings allways cheer you up even though you are tired and that is why we also started to make ourselves home. Minna made dinner after lighter lunch, Raimo started to warm up the lighthouse, Ari started to warm water for dishes and Eikka started to plan and prepare our crew’s duties at the sauna building site.

We also got familiar with the extensive amount of instructions here even though Märket is well known among us, we have all been here several times.

Raimo demonstrates how to use the fire extinguisher and note the stylish fireman’s hat!

Probably we will go to sleep early tonight so tomorrow you can read a lot more about the Märket’s sauna project and about all the interesting things that happen here on this remote island.


Sunday 6.10.2013


Sunday morning was wonderful. A good night sleep and sunshine to wake you up. Our crew was full of energy and enthusiasm, surroundings for work are excellent here.

Morning began with careful planning about what to do with the sauna. This is an interesting project since the sauna will probably last here a long time. This is why we don’t want to do any hasty decisions or unnecessary work so in this day men more or less planned and reviewed the building site.

Sunday is resting day but still we managed to do some daily chores such as warming up the lighthouse. Warming is traditionally Raimo’s job in our crew and all other things tend to be divided too as we have been here quite many times as a team. Ari is mainly responsible for water and he cleaned the hot water pot and it was really necessary. There were soot even inside the water container so after this cleaning washing dishes and ourselves is more pleasant.

Minna is the cook and today she baked buns for celebrating this trip to Märket since buns are allways received with great joy.

Evenings are for fun and relaxation, we amuse each other with stories about our lives, eat well and have candles to bring nice atmosphere to these dark autumn evenings.


Monday 7.10.2013


Beautiful sunny and warm day, + 16 degrees and wind only 2 m/, that s is quite rare atmosphere in October but that kind of luxury only Märket can offer to us. Perfect day for outdoor activities and we took the best of it.

Men worked all day with sauna, all that planning went into action. Today sauna’s facade got bars which allow attachment of the outer plates.

Not an easy task even though it seems that wooden bars are quite easy to install. This job needed a lot of measuring and accuracy so that basis is done properly for the plates. Fortunately we have drawings that are helpful for checking up details.

Eikka and Raimo worked together with wood while Ari made things with metal. Railing needed to be fixed for accurate wood bar positioning and some fine adjustment was also done for the door handle.

Since it was such a lovely day we also took the opportunity to enjoy this late summer. First we had afternoon coffee with buns at the terrace and then after day's work men relaxed in the warmest place today.


Tuesday 8.10.2013


Today we have worked a long day in a cloudy and quite cold weather. Nature gives us the sound of waves daily but today there has also been singing of the seals. Unfortunately they are shy and we have only seen a few heads observing us from the safe distance. Even though they are not very visible they have been heard.

Sauna has got now white covering almost all sides. Only one side is not done, because there should be proper scaffoldings and those are not available anymore on this season. Work started today with carrying the necessary white cembrit plates up and that was not a piece of cake, those plates are heavy even though they don’t look like it! But our team has strong men and they survived well.

To make thing easier and safe for the plate installation, we decided to make temperary scaffoldings from wood. Sauna is quite high and you need something more solid than ladders to reach near the roof.

First the sealing tape was attached on to the wooden bars that were installed yesterday. Then started the accuracy demanding task for putting the plates on straight and as dimensions.

And here you can see the result is fine! It almost got dark before everything was done so we will enjoy our well deserved late dinner in candle light after this productive day .


Wednesday 9.10.2013


Week goes by too fast here and it makes you wonder is it at all possible to get bored with Märket. Probably not since there is so much to see and to do.

Today we took slower than yesterday, daily chores take their time anyway as Raimo here shows by washing dishes. Additionally there has been some finishing touch for the sauna wall and other minor tasks, mainly preparing lighthouse for winter and to coming season.

Ari made a latch for upper storage door which is near sauna. Now there are new plates on the wall and if the storage door hits to the plates it might cause damage. With the latch there is no need for example to worry about the wind swinging the door.

Raimo and Eikka organized power tools to their storage boxes for protect them from coming winter. Almost every tool has its own box but the tools are laying around shelves. Now there is more space for other things in the storage. In the afternoon we also made space under the machine room for the rubber boat.

Cembrit plates for sauna were laying on the gound near Lilla Märket. Today they were removed to upper storage. Yesterday men tested to carry them by muscular force, today they decided to use machine force instead. Much less sweat and swearwords and Minna thinks men are usually more happy when they have the opportunity to use different kind of gadgets. Fortunately there are a lot of gadgets in Märket nowadays, makes working here a lot easier and apparently more fun also.


Thursday 10.10.2013


Cold, rainy and windy day, which we spend quite separately by everyone doing on his / hers own things. Märket is a small island but still there is a possibility to spend time with your own thoughts if you want. We have a splendid team so there is also room for individuality and after this kind of day we spend evening together anyway.

Eikka worked with sauna door. There were quite large gaps between door frames and the wall so Eikka first moved the door little bit closer to the current outer wall level, since the cembrit plates have increased the wall thickness.

Then he made additional frames so that in the winter snow or water can not get in between door and wall. On next spring we will see how this has worked out.

Raimo took the unpleasant job emptying the toilet. Fortunately he did because there were a surprise going on. Not a nice surprise because the present liquid container was too high and as we all know liquids don’t go upstream without a pump and since there is no pump, too high container causes liquids to leak from biotoilet bottom. Raimo changed container to lower one as you can see in the picture and cleaned the floor.

Ari concentrated on photographing, he took some nice pictures about small birds and waves.

Minna worked in kitchen as usual, many delicious food has been prepared (comment from the other eaters). She also counted the cash in Märket shop and wrote the diary. Tomorrow is our last whole day in here, sunshine has been promised.


Friday 11.10.13


Last great day here at Märket. The weather was favorable to us so we worked in sunshine and wind, this day ended to a magnificent sunset.

Raimo and Ari carried building materials in to sauna so they will be under a roof during winter. Sauna waits for eager workers next year, all necessary materials are inside. Sauna is nice every time of the year but especially these cold autumn evenings it is a real pleasure. Maybe we will here also in next October and sauna will be ready then.

Eikka fitted grey baseboards to kitchen and first floor bedroom. Piece by piece this lighthouse is going to be ready and treated as a respected historical building as it should be.

Friday is also cleaning day so we vacuumed, sweeped and wiped for the next group to have a nice start. Actually we are the last work group here on this season but Lighthouse society’s board and Märket team will spend here some time and plan the coming season.

With these sunset we end our diary from this season. Hope to be here next year again!

Greetings from Märket

Minna, Ari, Eikka and Raimo


Jaa tämä somessa

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