171010 Waiting for the new winds


Here we are, finally. We had to wait one extra (long) day the wind and the waves to calm down. Teemu and Seppo left back home as survivors agains the greatest storm ever seen here by Lighthouse Societys members. We were listening their stories of the stormy days with huge respect.

The weather wouldn't have been more pleasant than today. Though, the wind was blowing from west and the old waves hit the rock of Märket and we weren't able to land to the northern harbour, which is the easiest place to land. Since we had Mats as a driver, landing to the lagoon became true.

Teemu and Seppo leaving Märket

Pekka and Marjut are first timers, but you wouldn't believe it if you saw how fast they felt and act like they were at home. Heini is already a veteran of Märket, but never seen Märket this time of the year.

Pekka and Marjut wanted to save the fishing nets. They pushed Red Pioner on the water and row to the place the nets were put, but... they were gone! Maybe the seals took the nets to practice some more effective fishing. Who knows about them...

Here in Märket you have to be a creative cook, even if the kitchen equipment has improved during last years. Marjut created delicious asian-like vegetable wok, witch smelt like christmas, and Heini somehow managed to boil some rice with it. Pekka ate with good appetite and said thank you. Someday we should publish a collection of greatest recepies of Märket.

Weather forecast promised us some stormy wind (as we are hoping to see the great trick by the nature which is: how to make the whole island disapear under the water) for tomorrow and so we lifted our little red boat to the shelter.

Tonight we're not going to wish you good night, not yet. We're going out to wash our dishes (and some pieces of dishes Teemu and Seppo left us as a testament :) ). Isn't such a boring task more exiting to do in the dark than in the daylight, what do you think?

Neighbour lighthouse and the sunset

Heini, Marjut and Pekka


181010 Dear diary and our beloved readers


We decided to live here without strict timetables and we didn't set alarm clock for the morning. So did Heini sleep a little bit longer and didn't wake up before afternoon. Meanwhile Marjut and Pekka had been working on the generator. As it needs regular maintenance, the oil needed to changed. No one has done it for a while.

After beeing awake two hours, Heini started to reacon if she should have a nap. Unlike she, Pekka and Marjut weren't tired at all and they washed the kitchen window to see the whiteheaded waves better: the wind is blowing from south and the waves are getting bigger and bigger.

We all had remarked the same thing when using the toilet. It needed to be emtied, but where to put all the product? The storm had taken the old compost away. Luckily Pekka is a handy man and made a new one, and Marjut emptied the toilet. Heini was drinking coffee and daydreaming.

Sometimes the sea gives back things it has taken. We found a plastic cover and some trash from the old harbour, and took them up. Behind the engine room another plastic plate which covers the broken glasstiled window had teared partly off, but Pekka fixed it in five minutes.

On october the darkness comes soon and early. Marjut is heating the water so that we can wash ourselves when there still is a slight of daylight. Even Heini got herself a bit dusty in the end when she was trying to scratch the old paint off the window frames.

The kitchen has been warm and cosy all the day although we haven't heaten it since last night. Thick walls and renovated windows keep the cold wind outside and the heat inside. Now it is time to put fire on the fireplaces, light the candels and enjoy.

Heini, Marjut and Pekka


191010 Our daily Märket


Today Heini did wake up before midday (about 11.45). Breakfast was waiting at the table since others had been awake already a good moment. Some healthy porridge and boiled eggs guarantee a good start for a day. Pekka was fixing the fishing rod because he wanted to try if fish is biting today. Well, Märket isn't the best place to catch a fish as someone might know already and we're not going to enjoy any fish tonight as a dinner.

Despite the hard wind and enormous waves we build the scaffolding to the southern wall of the warehouse. We had kind of extreme conditions, because the wind was blowing from the south. Luckily the waves didn't reach us. Actually, this was a good test considering the wind generator. As we have been observing the southest point of the island in this wind all day, we're quite sure the water can not harm the generator. The southern side of the island is so low, that the waves lose their power before they hit the rock. Building scaffolding took two hours, and we're hoping to start plastering the wall tomorrow.

Later on the afternoon the waves were at highest. For a while we weren't able to do anything reasonable, we were just admiring the power of the sea, trying to capture the waves with our cameras but all we got was water drops on the camera lens. Anyhow it wouldn't be the same thing on the pictures. There is no sound of the waves, no hard cold wind on your face.

Later, but before dark, Pekka started to heat up the lighthouse. Heini was scratching the window frames and Pekka repaired a topcoat box of the wind generator which was damaged last week. Marjut feed us with the mushrooms Seppo from the last crew left in the freezer, and later we're enjoying a simple pasta dinner. There would be food enough until christmas, or at least we're not going to starve if we have to stay here day or two longer expected.

Heini, Marjut and Pekka


201010 Cement porridge for a lunch, rice porridge for a dinner


Heini was told form the upper level that no more stories about sleeping should be published. Fair enough, here we go: today everyone was awake at seven o'clock as it's written on the wall of the lighthouse. In Märket lazy sleepers will be thrown to the sea from the northern harbour.

In the end it didn't rain today as forecasted, so we started plastering the southern wall of the warehouse. It has been windy, but now it is blowing from north west, so we hadn't any problems when working on scaffolding two meters high. We used all the six cement bags we had here, but it wasn't enough. Hopefully someone gets the work finished soon. It's funny how the wall now looks like a patchwork blanket, there have been so many people plastering the wall and they have all had their unique way of plastering and obviously the mixture of the cement has varied during a year. Ha!

Pekka says some people have been asking him how the lighthouse works, or merely, how we can get the power and manage to live here. Well, we have sixteen big batteries which are charged with the wind generator and the diesel generator. There is an inverter to change the power coming from batteries, so that the electricity coming from plugs suist for the equipments we use here, for example electric tools. It might be suprising that we're not writing this in the dark; we have electric lamps inside. And yes, we're using a laptop. Actually at the moment there is three laptops on the table, although the internet connection is – how to say – weak most of the time.


Solar cells


Wind generators

In our cosy kitchen the oven and the fridgerator work with gas. The heating is done with wood. There is five fireplaces, and they keep the lighthouse warm and dry enough even this time a year if heaten once a day. Drinking water needs to be brought from elsewhere. The power for the light on the top of lighthouse comes from sun power panels. The cost guard has their own electrical system on the roof of the warehouse.

Tonight we are having a little little christmas party. We'll open a bottle of mulled wine and the smell of christmas spreads all over the kitchen. Some rice porridge might be done as well.

With merry christmas wishes,

Heini, Marjut and Pekka


211010 The Last Supper


We are preparing ourselves for a last supper. We were told that an orange boat will arrive tomorrow and we are forced to leave the island.

With heavy hearts we are whipping cream for the crepes under the full moon. Even the sea seems to be submitted to our destiny. It is calming down, no more cold geysirs are seen at the northern side. We washed our feet, changed clean clothes and are now ready to return to the civilization.

We heard it has been raining or even snowing in the main land. Sorry for the bad weather you had, but the sun was busy with smiling for us today.

Like we told you yesterday, we finished our main work – plastering the wall – yesterday, so today we were taking care of the daily tasks and prepaired the lighthouse against the long and stormy winter.

Especially Pekka is kind of a person who can not stay still and he always finds something to do. Today he fixed a plastic cover of one glass tiled window – which was repaired earlier this week, but it didn't last because of the weather conditions. He also finished the laminating the cover of the wind generator. After that, he took some problem waste down from the engine room.

This all wasn't enough to kill Pekka´s neverending energy, so he needed to run around the island few times. What a funny idea was it, surely there is not too many people who have been jogging from Finland to Sweden and back and again.

Marjut and Heini did an inventory in the kitchen. We throw all the old products away and counted the rest. If you can survive only with drinking coffee, you could manage to live here for a long time. There's eight hundred and one filter papers for making coffee and at least ten packets of coffee. Tea drinkers are taken care as well. We have more than two hundred tea bags, and plenty of choise in flavour.

It's time to say not only good night but also goodbye!

Heini, Marjut and Pekka


Jaa tämä somessa

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