Week 42: Petri, Selja and Titta


Sunday 12.10.2014


Ropes off and fishing legends

Group of nine left to the sea on good weather – leaving stress and worries to the continent destination Märket lighthouse. Some for just couple of nights, others for a whole week. Morning opens calm and peaceful, water was reflecting boathouses and coloured October clouds to the still surface at Käringsund when we let Sefyr's ropes off and Mats drove out of the harbour. This time not the most direct route, we coursed to Sankar shallows to see seals if they are there. And great safari it was indeed, plenty of gray seals lying on rocks or peering curiously from the water us like intruders.

At Märket islet work team was ready with their planning trip and new crew was eager to take over. An unusually large number of lighthouse activists catch at one image – in addition few journalists and photographers.

After midday thick sea mist rose suddenly from the east, switching all colours of the sunny day off. It surrounded us in soft gray and silver tones. The world grew even smaller and even more isolated, but in a nice cosy way.

Professional fishing enthusiastic Sakke come here because of his many projects – writing an article to the Fishing magazine for instance, and as a by project catches and prepared us a delicious meal of deep fried cod files and healthy fish liver. After sauna we gathered round table and he was telling the incredible story how he was lifting up a cod from the sea and saw bubbles and something very strange; a seal was trying to get the same fish and it was already in its teeth – as an evidence we saw teeth marks on the side of the cod. The fisher won and the seal dived back to the water – this time with no catch.


Monday 13.10.2014


Many projects on the islet

Monday morning dawns in the middle of the sea at lighthouse Märket, far from full metros and traffic jams. Instead a wrestles wind circles the cliff like not knowing to witch compass point to settle down. It pushes thick humid air masses around, sometimes gray clouds hang near the water on east, meanwhile sky opens in west, and pale October light hits the waves brighten the landscape.

Like on working days in civilized world, we all where busy with our duties; Eveliina is writing a story to Anna-magazine and Jonne has been busy shooting and documenting all possible vies to her. Catching a breaking wave at right moment kept them in move at northern side cliffs this morning – that needs really a good timing.

Another photographer sometimes almost merged with the environment; Antti is hunting a perfect 2015 lighthouse calendar image, with devotion.


Finally wind decided from where to blow, that made fisherman Sakke’s life much easier, and he was lifting all the time bigger fish to break records. That would guarantee delicious seafood for a dinner tonight as well. Splendid!

So that life would not only be just work and duties, we have our sauna with the spirit and views to relax a bit. A good heat and dip to cold water would definitely give a good sleep.

This blessed life!


Tuesday 14.10.2014


Peace has landed

Breakfast as usual at 08.00, and after that those who supposed to leave today started to pack and move their things outside to the yard. Orange spot came in sight around ten o’clock and grew bigger; Sefyr was closing us from the sea. Mats kept boats bow against cliffs while passengers and stuff were loaded in. Soon we were waving goodbye and it disappeared to the gray.

Now we are only three of us here. Even more peaceful feeling at this distant islet and definitely less dishes now. Titta did huge washing-up duty: one and half hour today, after last night dinner and today’s breakfast. From here on it will be easier, though she never complains about the matter – so far she is having a sea view.

We will be the last crew here and lighthouse will be closed for the winter. Petri have been taking care of many bigger and smaller things during a day. A protective fence was now taking off; we have been here so many times that we know by hart the shape of the stones and height differences on the yard and will not fall or hurt ourselves.

Ladies are sleeping in a cosy attic room, witch have been not heated yet. Plus 14 degrees and warm sleeping bags give a good sleep, but bit warmer would be more comfortable, of course. Petri started to heat the stove upstairs, but often as in heavy northeast wind, all smoke came inside. That gave us girls a good reason to ventilate beddings outside – and take a nice fresh nap while sea eagle and white clods floated above.

Big sea surrounds us from all sides, waves sweeping slippery cliffs, constant roar follows as all day and night. A good feel, today very relaxed day. Lighthouse Märket slow down towards the evening and bright starry night.


Wednesday 15.10.2014


Fresh swim on a sunny morning

Petri is an ice swimmer and starts his day here dipping in cold seawater. Morning light was very dramatic, on the other side bright sunlight and dark clouds on the west. Waves from yesterday’s stiff wind where milling around on north side, raising high white surfs when hitting the cliffs. This morning also Titta and Selja wanted to have a try – a fresh swim in one of islets shaped by the nature – pools really gave a good start for the day.

Closing tasks continued, we where carrying and storing inside all tables and seats from outside. As well the red roving boat was lifted inside. Petri also removed hose of the seawater pump today. Now ice won’t break it on long winter.

There is time for rest too now, when season is ending and all work is done. Time for wandering around the islet, to observe changes of the light, listen to the breaking waves – just breath the atmosphere and peace of this distant place.

One bigger fishing boat circlet the island today, but there is no change to dock at this kind of weather. The boat did one big circle around us and then disappeared. Lots of cargo boats are passing us far away on the waterway.

The day was gray and windy, wind settled down a bit during the day, but rose again later on. In the evening before twilight descends the sun showed again for a while.

We work a bit, rest a bit, heat the lighthouse, eat delicious food – and let outside world disappear further and further away. That is healthy experience for a modern man (and woman).


Thursday 16.10.2014


Super duo and super cook

One of the last and less enjoyable tasks before the lighthouse is closing is to clean and empty the gray water cleaner. Also pee from urinals goes thought the same filter. There will be smell of drain and ammoniac – dirty and unpleasant work indeed. We had to call dynamic duo here: Polar Bear and Blue Beaver, thank God they came!

Serious planning was needed now, well planned is half done. Looks like the drain is blocked; plenty of thick stinking water floated on top of the filter. I don’t go to details now.

The work is handled by brutal action. We only documented the situation and escaped to breathe the fresh sea air.

They did it!

Before dynamic duo left, we asked them to shoot couple of images of us three in the same picture for the diary. First one was taken at the dining table. Our super cook Titta has been spoiling us with delicious food during our stay. At today’s meal meets flavours from Thailand, Mexico and Italy. Also leftovers from last days are used. As a last crew here we should use all food supplies and eat all food up.

And the last outside in front of the lighthouse. Such a nice and event full day again here. Tonight it will be definitely sauna night!


Friday 17.10.2014


End of the season 2014 at lighthouse Märket

It’s time to thank all who have been directly or indirectly with in lighthouse Märket’s year 2014. Especially all voluntaries who have put their time and efforts in valuable work to maintain this precious building as part of the maritime history. I also want to thank all visitors on the island, as well followers of the diary – in Finland and all around the world.

The last crew of the year is leaving the islet and lighthouse is hibernating till next spring.

Petri, Selja and Titta


Jaa tämä somessa

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