221010 The Start and the First Dinner


Who is that?

We started our journey one day earlier than planned because they told us the wind was increasing. Also we experienced the seasons real first snow! Mats Sjöström picked us up in Eckerö Käringsund in his brand new so far non-baptised pilotboat. Orange and namned 705 by the pilots.

We switched places with our three precursos and got installed on Märket. (Thank you Pekka, Heini and Marjut for preparing everything for us!) By the way, hello. We're Kiki and Malin from the newspaper Nya Åland. We're here for our own interest, but also for making a spread for our paper. Kiki has made herself chef and I, Malin, has the mission to write this diary.

After we installed ourselves, we had to save a Parus major (talgoxe in Swedish) from the kitchen. We drew it downstairs and it came out in safety.

Kiki and dish one.

Malin and wine.

While we had dinner (three meals, thank you Kiki!) another bird had our attention. WE think it was a Regulus regulus (kungsfågel on Swedish), but we're not sure even if we have two books about birds here.

Speaking of dinner. Two glasses of wine keped us company. But it wasn't easy getting the liqued out of the bottle. We couldn't find a corkscrew anywhere! We improvised with a potato peeler with the result that I had wine allower my face and clothes. Also the bottle was filled with cork, so we had to use a tea-strainer. But we managed to have a drink!

Yes, they read the Nya Åland also on Märket!

Good night now!

Kiki and Malin


231010 Battle of the Birds and the Freat Shower


Malin on the Great Wall.

This day has certainly been interesting in a modern thinking-view. After taking a really long breakfast with Ålands radio in the background, some knitting and reading, we decided it was time to grab the bull by its horns. We had to do the dishes.

Heating the water.

At home a Siemens assists me, but here we had to grab some wood and start a fire in the water cistern. While it was boiling, we took the grand tour around the island. No seals were spotted, but a lot of marks, leaved by people as far from the 1900th century. Both of us a has a Swedish and a Finnish membership, so we took a picture with our feet on both sides of the landmark that shows the border.

As soon as the water was warm , we carried the dishes down the narrow ladder and got to work. We managed surprisingly well and decided to try Lilla Märket at the same time. That means getting ourselves cleaned using the boiled water, a bucket and a positive mind. Stripping in a small building outside gives you perspective, that’s for sure.

On the top.

Today we also climbed all the stairs and took a look over the whole island from the top of the lighthouse. Malin is afraid of heights, but sat there for quite a long time. Much more comfortable with Kiki on her side.

The rescue.

The battle of the birds also continued today. The Parus major (Great tit) is apparently planning to taking over Märkets building. Kiki was focused to help them out to freedom and chased them threw the roofopening. One of the birds didn’t want to fly by it’s own, so she had to carry it out by hand. A happy ending!

We got rapports from Wiklöf Holding Arena today. Even though IFK Mariehamn lost its game to KuPS, they managed to keep their place in Veikkausliiga. Congratulations!

Kiki and Malin


241010 A dip in the ocean followed by a silent retreat


When I got up Kiki informed me that six seals had visited us this morning. She sang to them, but they didn’t appreciate her voice (or choice of song), and rolled back to sea.

The wheather has been twofaced this Sunday. Before noon, the ocean was as still as an ocean can be. It was completely silent on Märket when the windmills took a break in the breeze.

Kiki taking a cold bath.

Kiki was inspired by the calm start of the day and put on her bathing suit. With heavy breathing and some howling she slided down in the water in the place called “Modermagan”. We have no idea what the temperature was, but as a skilled woman that takes many baths outside in the winter, she estimated it to about 10C.

On our way to the dip, we confirmed that it was the Regulus regulus (Goldcrest) we saw the other day. A little female bird jumped around on the border between Finland and Sweden.

After some more morning gymnastics on the rocks, we decided to have a silent retreat until dinner. It started by noon and now, when I’m writing this, we haven’t been talking for over five and a half hours.

A treasure of the attic.

I amused myself by reading old magazines in my room. The Swedish paper “Se”, an issue from the year 1946, was writing about the moral of Hollywood. By that time the movies was forbidden to show intimacy between races and women were not allowed to be naked, not even half-naked, if it didn’t have a clear purpose. I took a picture of a spread that had been censored in Hollywood.

I got bored pretty fast and got some work done. Changed the urine- and gas cans, wrote this diary, carried some wood into the rooms, preparing for a long time inside.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the wheatear changed in the afternoon. Snow and rain is coming from the side, carried by the wind that been increasing from north. 4 degrees outside, cozy 21 degrees inside. We’re guessing the full moon won’t show tonight.

We’re surprised no one been trying to come out here. We thought that at least Mariehamns sjöbevakning should pay us a visit. They have a camera here on one of the roof buildings, but maybe they couldn’t spot all the coffee we packed down in our bags.

By the way, we want to send an extra warm hello to our colleagues Jan and Stefan that worried about us as when were leaving. We’re okay, you should try this too!

Kiki and Malin


251010 Last night on Märket


We feel a bit melancholy. In four days this has become our home and we have our routines. I sleep in the room behind the kitchen and Kiki in the top room. Each night before bedtime we have visited the toilet (outside the main building) together around 23.30 o’clock. Of course to have time to come inside before the drowned seamen comes up from the ocean along the rocks to walk around the lighthouse. That’s a story we believe in strongly, even if no one has shown themselves to us. Not even when I tried to surprise them with a flashlight.

Another routine has been to knit by the kitchen table and gossip about all sorts of things. The result: two scarfes! We’re posing with them in a picture, happy to have them on this windy spot in Ålands hav.

This morning Ålands radio woke Kiki up to do an interview with her. She and the man behind the microphone, Kjell Brändström, talked for about half an hour. You can listen to it on www.radiotv.ax , at least until tomorrow.

The clouds that surrounded Märket this morning looked really dramatic. Afraid of upcoming rain, the view gave us a kick start and we got both the dishes and ourselves cleaned before noon. (As you remember, that’s a process that takes time.)

We found Mini Märket in one of the buildings and of course we had to compare it to the lighthouse and Lilla Märket. Can you find all three of them in the picture?

In the afternoon, we had time for alone time and room to let this experience sink in. We’re leaving in the morning, getting immediately back to work – far away from the peacefulness that Märket has given us. The whole story and lots of pictures will be published in Nya Åland later this week. We will also put a slideshow on www.nyan.ax.

Bye, bye!

Kiki and Malin


Jaa tämä somessa

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