100708 Hotel Märket


We had just finished the wednesday report and a good meal, as we noticed two paddlers sliding silently to our bay. Ari and Jari run like panthers to downstairs to greet tired and cold athletes. Comers turned out to be Mikko and Jarkki, who had started their journey from Grissleham earlier that day. It was a common effort to lift their kayaks from the water as the cliffs were so slipery.

The paddlers arriving on Wednesday evening

The cook had a creative, busy moment in the kitchen, while the others showed the lighthouse and the marvels of the island. We all enjoyed the spectacular sunset that colored the whole island pink and all possible colors. The paddlers were served a warm dinner and they were accomodated to the tool room.

The kitchen showed its best in the morning sun as we enjoyed breakfast together. Mikko and Jarkki prepared for take off as Jari and his effective crew started to nail tarpaulin on the roof. Krista took paddlers for a guided tour before they bravely took off to Eckerö in impressive wind. Ari finished the masonary works of the water closet.

Mikko and Jarkki, the brave paddlers

Working with the tarpaulin was slightly challenging as the cover plastic of the fas-tening edges was barely removable. The roof group run out of tarpaulin on a critical moment. Only 5 meters more and the roof would have been completely ready for the metal works.

The covering plastic of tarpaulin sheets gave us some challenge

Guys rewired the boathouse and the recycling center was organized again. All enjoyed the beautifull afternoon writing Märket postcards and drinking coffee in calm bosom of Märket's cliffs. We followed some boats driving by, but they didn’t curve to greet us. The evening was spent on personal hygiene and on duties to prevent any damage of the rising storm from south-west.

On a coffee break

Märket +13, south-east 9.


110708 The Day if the Radio Amateurs


The breakfast was quiet and melancholic, as we all were sorry for Jari to leave. Yvonne and Mats brought our today´s visitor Orvokki and a group of radio amateurs. We all had got ourselves together to fairwell Jari, but luckily Orvokki and the amateurs got us back to action. Krista took Orvokki for the round around the island as others tried to help the amateurs to settle down. The amateurs amazed us by their fast moves; the antennas and Seppo's operating tent rose up in a moment.

Jari departing

Orvokki in the outer rim of the lantern

We had barely carried all the luggage inside and started to make rooms for the newcomers, as Targa 27 appeared close by and settled to the buoy. Ari went to see the sailors and brought them in with the dinghy. Bob, Roger, Olof and Markus were tough so exited and enthusiasted about the operating itself, that they disappeared to be on the air right away. In between washing the lunch potatoes and making the beds, we all gathered to set Jari and Orvokki on board, and we almost hoped the rising wind would force them to come back.

Roger and Olof

The sailors on the other boat drank some coffee in the kitchen while the herring lunch was prepared. The sea started to show its might as wind rose fast and soon we had the promised 12 m/s from south. It was a sunny day though, and the amateurs had bright sunshine as they were working to keep their antennas on the ground. Ari took the sailors back to their boat, as they still wanted to continue their way. The generators were switched on to keep the radio waves flowing.

On the air

Later in the afternoon the cook got her hands on the 2,5 kg of Brazilian beef and huge brie cheese that the amateurs brought. We all enjoyed the delicius dinner, amateurs in the kitchen and the lighthouse crew in the shop.

Now the weather is getting dark as rainfall has started and candles are needed in every room. Every now and then we are checking if Seppo's tent is still on the island, or has he sailed away. Occasional radio signals echoing in the stairs tell that the Märket call sign is active again. The amateurs are preparing for 24 hours competition starting tomorrow. Early morning awake is waiting as we have to pack our stuff and give space for newcomers.

Märket 17, south 12.


Jaa tämä somessa

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