Saturday. Leaving for the new and exciting for some, leaving for the familiar for the others.

The calm captain Fredrik and the happiness of meeting with like-hearted. Marko (hand behind the captain), familiar from June at the lighthouse crew, came to play “Ingress” augmented reality mobile game for a few minutes to the island.

Matching with the lighthouse in colour and in diagonal position.

The mixture of joy of arrival and the sadness of going back home.

Cargo work.

Lunch of three soups.

Warm sauna and fresh waves to swim waiting for the new lighthouse keepers.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Party at the dish washing place.

Ari’s bedroom view.

Autumn colours in the island. Sweet dreams from the blinking lights of the lighthouse, the cargo ships far in sea and fire burning in the stoves inside.

Minna, Ari, Annika (who stayed for another week and as San who was supposed to come could not come in the end), Anne & Anna Emilia

Sunday 10.10. Aleksis Kiven päivä

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Windy dishwashing day, lost & found.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Fish soup. Our main task seems to be this week to get rid of all the canned food. Like canned fruits, aka fruit cocktail in rum.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

But also lots of water pumping…

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

…and transforming the big composted things to disappear.

“That way, two older sea eagles.”

Windy walk around the island. All the three swans stay mostly by the Northern shores.

In the evening after sauna and swimming in strong wind gusts the kitchen and dining hall were filled with wonderful scents of pizza.

Monday 11.10.

After wind and rain there were some moments of sun. A hawk flew past during lunch time.

Lunch time calling. More delicious soup.

Daily walk around the island.

Visiting Sweden.

The prince of the island appeared. No kiss was given, the prince is still free. (And the princesses too, phew!)

A name was given to the boat: Elviira.

Daily chores, dish washing water is warm.

Today the kitchen scent was cardamom & rice pudding: Åland pancake disappeared quickly with jam of plums and figs (special Märket version).

Tuesday 12.10.

Today was sunny in the morning.

Morning walk to the East to stretch.

View from buduar.

Ari did some metal works.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Today co-operation has been key to success. Yhteistyössä on voimaa. Colour-matching team.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Ari the captain.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

The whole crew going surfing to the waves.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Still happy and the motor working.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

The Northern breeze took us to Poland, but we paddled back.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Still happy surfing.

Windmill cargo to the North.

Hypnotized by the sea.

Wednesday 13.10.

Today we replaced the old broken winch with another broken one that we replaced with a third one.

Winch worker Minna.

Winch worker Anne.

Winch is working, Elviira is in the air.

Worker Annika did a nice “button down” tap. Both hands can be washed at the same time.

Lighthouse keeperesses.

In the afternoon we opened  a new startup company to the island called “Rimanalitus”.

Our startup company does very fine woodwork.

The very fine woodwork is attached to some plastic with masking tape.

The result is a kite. The prototype was flying in strong winds.

The kite dropped down very quickly. But the kite was flying.

Wednesday too is a sauna day.

Wednesday is also a laundry day. Or maybe we are a bit frustrated that no-one is visiting us and we send invitations.

Today also an UFO (an unidentified floating object) passed the island. If you know what it is, please do let us know (


Thursday 14.10.

Sunrise was today a spectacle. The wind was also quite strong, 18 m/s in gusts.

Last night we admired the bright Milky Way from the lantern.

Admiring the sunrise from the lantern camouflaging.

“Good morning to the lantern!”

Lilla Märket in sunshine.

Is it the ghost of the lighthouse…? Maybe not.

Waves through the Museum room window. The Museum shop was open today, there was a queue in front of it before the opening time. Canvas bags and postcards were sold.

Playing the guitar for some, singing for others.

How does the weather look like for tomorrow? We are supposed to leave the island in the afternoon and the people who put the lighthouse to winter’s sleep are supposed to come. Forecast says strong winds, let’s see again tomorrow. We still have some chocolate if we must stay some extra time. You can still send us message (and more chocolate) in bottles just in case.


Friday 15.10.

The morning was grey today but noon was beautiful. A moment of blue sky and the view to Sweden with a portrait of the lighthouse shadow.

With a Jacques Cousteau -looking Annika we climbed up to the lantern to enjoy the landscape, maybe for the last time. The wind started to rise.

It was decided that we stay for another day, as for the afternoon the wind looked very strong.

Coucou! Just me, the sea eagle.

Always fun and the best view at the dish washing place. Water is soon warm enough for some serious dish washing.

Annika washed some of the kitchen stove parts with fresh water. Minna hoovered the whole lighthouse. Ari checked and planned what parts of the lighthouse to repair during the next summer.

Coffee time, the geranium blooming inside, the wind gets stronger and stronger outside.

The “Tikris”-cake that Annika baked was finished. Very delicious with some cardamom and orange peel.

During sunset time the waves were already very high.

The maximum wind was 24 m/s and 27,7 m/s in gusts. We listened to the marine weather forecast (Merisää/Sjörapport) on YLE at 18:50 to hear the weather at Märket. The radio host said 22 m/s. Some of the waves washed over the island. The three swans are on the Southern shore, heads hidden under wings. A tiny moment of storm during sunset. Now the wind is getting calmer again.

We leave the island tomorrow in case the wind is calm enough.

Thank you Märket, we meet again!

Ari, Minna, Annika, Anne & Anna Emilia


P.s. The title of our blog post and the title of the whole week “Tiny meteorites” was some of the first things we were discussing together. If you are able to calculate what is the possibility to get hit by a tiny meteorite on the Märket island, please let us know.


Saturday 16.10.

Surprise! We are still here. The waves were washing over the island the whole night and still in the morning and noon. Our contracts as lighthouse keeper and keeperesses were continued.

Sunrise and waves from the lantern. With mighty wind.

The waves were pretty also from the walking promenade.

We ate an English breakfast and decided that we open the emergency food box.

Tired after a stormy night.

Waiting if the waves get calmer is a long wait for some.

Inspecting the situation from a far. Still high waves.

Some were enjoying a nap upstairs and not minding the longer stay at all.

We took new positions in the table to enjoy some new views.

Also new (and washed) mugs for a change.

Inspecting the waves again.

It was decided that we stay one more night.

A new try to leave again in the morning. Sweet dreams with Moon in the sky, Understen and Märket lights blinking to each others!


Sunday 17.10.

Hello, we are still here! The wind brought more waves, and the wind is going to stay with us until Tuesday. The morning we were mostly gazing the waves.

Luckily someone is still visiting us, the sea eagle. The swans flew towards South yesterday after the storm and since then they have not been seen.

Our troubadour Annika.

As we are forced to stay (most probably until Tuesday), we were told that there is a treasure to find. Happiness to find something sweet!

Enjoying the sun (and wind).

As we are staying, we started to work those things that must be done before the winter comes in the lighthouse.

Talking on the (apple green) phone and delivering the message.

Minna planned us a menu until Tuesday of the ingredients that are still left.

We were working with Anne some other things.

The Moon is rising.

Some cotton candy clouds during sunset.

So is the wind rising.

The Swedish lighthouse Understen seen from Märket. Sweet dreams!


Monday 18.10.

One more very windy night, waves washing the reef. In the morning, Ari, our sunshine and flag of Märket.

High waves, 4 meters.

Teeth washed! Wind energy in full speed.

Up in the lantern, yes, also very windy. Friends, who come to strange lonely islands to stay with you for a week and do not mind staying longer. <3

Our master baker Annika telling the cake options of today.

Butter of the cake of today melting.

It will be a lemon cake! So yummy.

Happy tasters.

Hallway of the lighthouse.

As the group who was supposed to come after us to put the lighthouse to winter’s sleep could not arrive because of the high winds, we are doing most of the things. Cleaning the rain water barrels.

In Minna’s bedroom posing after the inventory of the shop.

Usual tasks also today, dishwashing.

Kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Euca, our favourite ecological dishwashing liquid, scent and our favourite dishwashing landscape.

A happy dishwasher and multitasker.

Sea water pumping to sauna.

Week 41 was a bit longer, but so wonderful with new friends and beautiful landscapes and strong weather. So much laughing and happiness with like-hearted. Thank you Märket one more time! Tomorrow in a way or another we should leave this wonderful place, to stay alone until the spring arrives. Until next time!

Ari, Minna, Annika, Anne & Anna Emilia

Ihan läppä, että me ollaan vieläkin täällä!” -Annika

Jaa tämä somessa

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