Saturday 30.7.2016

Mats' boat is loaded and ready to leave for Märket. The used tyres are needed for fenders.

Ronja and Liia visiting Märket for the first time as their pre-birthday present. They were the only visitors today.

Change of crew was possible this time at the north harbour since there was only mild wind from the southeast.

Assembling a tripod for moving stones from the old harbour to ease the leaving and landing with the dinghy.

Testing the system at the old harbour – its working.
Sunday 31.7.2016

Pasi is spliceing ropes yearly this morning to get longer ropes for today's rock removal from the old harbour.

Ari is cutting a metal bar from the rock.

Kirsti is removing building debriss from a pond.

This was a rocky day! The crew continued removing rocks from the old harbour with heavier equipment than yesterday - yesterday was just rehearsel.





Pasi, Ari and Pera

Ilkka, Ari and Pasi

Today's saldo: 11 rocks less in the harbour!
Monday 1.8.2016

Weather at lighthouse has been sunny, but unfortynatly so far too windy for visitors we're waiting for. Our crew has concentrated on work.

Meet the crew: Pasi is the inventor of our crew, here he is testing his new dredging tool finished early in the morning. Pasi came to Märket from Tasku's beacon after working there for 1,5 week at it's renovation site.

Pasi has spent his days in water so far, rigging rocks to dragging ropes.

Meet the crew: Our magnificent chef Kirsti washing up. Kirsti is an experienced Märket volunteer, this is her seventh trip. Like many other, she has tried most jobs at the lighthouse. Her culinary surprises keep us going and happy.

We've continued week's heaviest job, clearing rocks from the old harbor. As work has progressed and we've cleared our drag path, rocks have grown in size. Creativity is needed in rigging heavy rocks.

Breaks are needed during this weeks's heavy work. Tipe, Kirsti, Pertti, Ari and Pasi enjoying afternoon coffee.

Tipe and Kirsti have been clearing old construcion debris from a pond.

Day's work. We cleared five huge rocks and fifteen smaller ones from the harbor.

Kirsti is cooking this summer's trend dish, rhubarb wrapped in bacon. Tasted delicious!
Tuesday 2.8.2016

Conditions at the lighthouse were pretty much the same as yesterday as our crew woke up to brisk southwwestern breeze and cloudy morning.

Pasi as an early bird was already at work before breakfest fixing a bent grabbing hook for dragging.

Pasi and Pera fixed the one of the doors of the lighthouse after breakfest. The door didn't stay closed during previous night.

Great sight from the lighthouse. Russian S/S Kruzenshtern sailed between Märket and Understen lighthouses on her way north.

Meet the crew: Our guide Tipe is re-painting a bracket for trash buckets. Tipe is anxiously waiting for visitors, so that she could show her vast knowledge of the lighthouse.

Our dredging project is moving forward. Water is already so deep that Pasi started diving.

Our rigging for dredging is streching to 40 meters. Few more rocks to go.

Tipe came close to happiness. Two boats came to see the lighthouse, but sadly they didn't come to shore. Almost our first visitors!

Sitting by the sea watching waves is a good way to pass time before dinner.

Wednesday 3.8.2016

We enjoyed rainbows last night as a rain front rolled in from Sweden.

Pasi discovered that wheelbarrow isn't a very seaworthy vessel.

Graveyard for the smaller rocks. Those that we could carry or drag by hand.

Pasi and Pera planning afternoon's work in the old harbor.

Pera disassembling the scaffolding from warehouse building's south wall. Previous crews have replastered the lower wall.

Our crew is efficient. Thirty minutes later scaffolding is packed in the boathouse and the Märket's original sign pole is showing. Sign pole was used before building the lighthouse in 1885.

Meet the crew: Pera. Don't let the looks fool you, in real-life an kind-hearted lighthouse veteran that laughs out loud. Pera is on his 25th trip to Märket. Pera is an active in the Finnish Lighthouse Society organizing tours to lighthouses and overseeing contruction in Gustavsvärn.

Pera and Tipe in water instead of Pasi, who has swimming there last few days. Chains connected to the last rock succesfully.

Last rock being dragged its last meters, nature decides if it stays there. Storm waves and ice have a habit of reorganizing loose rocks on the island. From left: Pera, Tipe, Pasi, Ari and Kirsti in the picture.
Thursday 4.8.2016

Rainy morning at Märket today. It rained near constantly until afternoon and winds exceeded 10 m/s. Our crew dedicated the day to smaller maintanance work. Some of us even took a little nap during the day.

Meet the crew. Ari used the morning to check our first aid supplies. He is in charge of our crew this week and reports work and missing or needed materials. He also solves possible problems and stays in contact with the mainland. Ari is another seasoned Märket volunteer and likes to paint on the island.

Strong wind is raising waves.

Tipe and Kirsti used a brief sunny moment to a cleaning project.

Pera and Pasi attached the chain hoist back to its place in the engine room roof after dredging project.

Ilkka and Tipe emptying fire buckets before refill.

Pera installing new hinges to a fire bucket. Good as new again.

Ari and Tipe continued clearing the old debris from the pond.

Kirsti is warming up sauna. Lighthouse has a good, wood-heated sauna, but unfortunatly it cannot be used daily because wood has to be brought to the island.

Sun always shines after rain. Our crew enjoys the sun
Friday 5.8.2016

Pasi is coiling the dragging rope early in the morning.

Finally we had visitors! Tipe and Ari guided them around telling about the lighthouse's history and details.

Ilmari, Susanna, Aino and Sami came to visit Märket from Turku. Thank you for the visit!

Mikael from Sweden. Tack så mycket!

Locals from Eckerö came by. Thanks Patrik, Christina, Dennis and Marita!

Pasi building a dredging grapnel.

Pera continuing yesterday's cleaning project.

Tipe, Pera and Ilkka carrying an unused mooring bouy to boathouse. Meet the crew: Our first timer shopkeeper Ilkka fitted Märket crew like he'd been born on a lighthouse island.

Week 31 is over and we are heading home tomorrow. We had a great time, and we will be back for sure!

Jaa tämä somessa

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