Saturday 13.8.2016

Because of the hard wind, we had to wait for few hours our journey to Märket. So we had some time to spend in Mariehamn. We went to visit the Pommern. Pommern is the only large sailing ship in the world that has remained in its original condition. It was built in Scotland in 1903 and made its last sail in 1939.

Luckily the weather was getting better. We loaded Mats`s boat and was ready to leave.

The new and happy crew: Helena, Anne ja Maija.

Wherever you look, the scenery always looks beautiful and different every day.
Sunday 14.8.2016

Home sweet home. It was a great feeling to return to the lighthouse after a year. This week's whole crew was here for the first time last year. It was such an amazing experience that we all decided to come back.

The radio amateurs team: Anett, Rene, Daniel and Dietmar. Only Dietmar has been to Märket before. Our German guests think that Märket is calm, cozy and exciting. The weather could be better though.

Today we heated up the sauna and the view from the sauna windows was as amazing as before. We discussed the differences between Finnish and German sauna with our guests. Anett is heating up the sauna.

There is very little vegetation on Märket but you can always find something new. This is osmankäämi, Typha latifolia.

Monday 15.8.2016

Every day we start our morning with, besides eating breakfast, studying the weather forecast. Today's forecast was particularly interesting. We were expecting strong winds of approximately 14 m/s.


Doing the dishes isn't exactly simple here at Märket. First we have to get the water from the sea. Then we warm it up in the pot and after that we can start the dish washing.

The wind increased during the day. In the afternoon we measured a 16,8 m/s strongest.

The little birds are looking for shelter in crevices on the rock since they can't fly high because of the strong wind.

Tuesday 16.8.2016

This morning too started windy - 14-15m/s. Today 20 guests were supposed to arrive here at Märket. Unfortunately today no one can come or leave Märket. It's a shame that our guests are not able to explore this unique light house.

Today we took our German guests to see the landscape from up above. They were meant to leave, but since there's no getting off the island today, they had to stay. The mood was still very happy. Our guests were very happy that they got to spend some extra time here at Märket.

Today we organized the storage room. Maija made sure that the cords and floodlights are in the right place for the helicopter landing. If the helicopter lands at night the landing spot had to be lit up properly.

Even though the day was windy and cloudy the sunset was beautiful.
Wednesday 17.8.2016

Once again the morning started windy. But we don't mind because it's intriguing to watch the turmoil of the sea. The German radio amateurs can enjoy Märket for at least one more day.

Helena is making am inventory on the kitchen so that the next week's crew can plan their grocery shopping.

Anne is organising the storage since we can't work outside because of the strong wind.

Maija is in turn washing the sauna.

We also got a rare visitor here at Märket. The bird it's called Taviokurna alisa a pine grosbeak alias Pinicola enucleator. Pine grosbeaks nest in Lapland. Sometimes they move south for the winter but they can also spend the whole winter in Finland.  Photography by Anett.
Thursday 18.8.2016

Today was the first day when the wind was under 10 m/s at times. We started the day by doing some chores. Here Anne is making an inventory of the pillows, covers and mattresses in the lighthouse.

Our German guests have been very helpful and friendly. Daniel is helping Helena to peel potatoes for the mashed potatoes served at lunch.

Even though there`s very little vegetation here at Märket you can still find beautiful colors besides the grey rock.

We´ve been able to admire the great waves for a few days. It`s very relaxing to just sit still and watch the turmoil of the waves. You can find shades of blue, green and grey in the wawes.

The lighthouse looks just as beautiful in the night time as it does in the daytime. Photography by Daniel.
Friday 19.8.2016

Today the morning broke rainy and grey. But luckily around ten o`clock the weather cleared up and we were able to enjoy the sun during our last day.

Here Helena is emptying the compost. We get quite a lot of organic waste from cooking.

Märket lighthouse was drawn by architect Georg Schreck. He also led the construction. You san see his ”signature” in the rock.

We`ve had an amazing week. We made great new friens with the German radioamteurs, who are leaving the lighthouse with us tomorrow morning. The nature has shown us its variety. We can only wonder, how the lighthouse keepers survived the difficult tasks in this barren islet.

Thank you – we`ll be back for sure!


Jaa tämä somessa

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