Sunday 21.8

We arrived to Märket in the late afternoon. Departure in Käringssund was at 2 pm and the boattrip took more time than normally, because the boat towed a big stack of firewood to the reef.

Raft of firewood to be towed from Eckerö to Märket reef. The weather must be suitably calm.

We together with the group of 11 persons that had spent the weekend on the island carried all the wood to land. Weather was rainy and misty.

Unloading the firewood in the southern harbour.

Monday 22.8

It was still raining a little in monday morning. Markku is first time in Märket, so the very experienced visitors here, Milla and Jori, guided him to the practices and presented important things concerning working on the island. We checked the safety instructions and procedures in the lighthouse.

Jori changed a tube from a watertank to another

The water tank tube needs also some fixing.

In the afternoon weather was getting better so we began to saw and cut the firewood.

It will be hard work to get all this wood to suitable size for use.

Happy end (until further...)

Firewood in shelter from rain.

Tuesday 23.8.2016

Today weather has been sunny, there have been only few stratocumulus, almost sky clear. So we have had ideal conditions to work outside.

We made some maintenance affairs to the compost.

Chopping of the firewood continued before lunch. The final place of storing of the cutted firewood has to be considered carefully. They have to be in safe place so that the storms in autumn will not wipe them to the sea.

Now there is the first new picture on the wall

Wednesday 24.8.2016

Again nice, warm and sunny day. Light northwest wind. Lot of birds have visited us today. Hundreds of cormorants and seagulls. Phoenicurus phoenicurus (redstart, leppälintu), Dendrocopos major (great spotted woodpecker, käpytikka), Calidris alpina (dunlin, suosirri) and a lot of  other smaller birds, which are eating the mosquitoes. There are huge and tight swarms of mosquitoes now.

Markku rubbed the arm on the rock clear of lichen.

Markku was using the chainsaw, Milla was an assistant and carried tree trunks to the sawbuck.

Jori, skilled and strong woodcutter used the axe busily. Only a few blocks made so much inconvenience that he didn't manage to cut them. They were left to Pasi....hi

Squat and up...squat and up and the blocks to the stack. Jori made a new chassis for the firewood beside the wall and the new stacks started to rise.

Milla stacking the firewood

Thursday 25.8.2016

It was a cloudy morning. After breakfast we started to cut the firewood again, but soon it began to rain. We covered the blocks with a tarp and the cutted firewood with a panel. After three hard working days it was also time to rest a little.

The wooden panel was installed in light rain.

While it was raining we made the food order to the next group and cleaned up the rooms. There have been a question how long cooked coffee or water can be saved here as hot as possible so we did a test. We put all the termos bottles full of boiling water and then see which of them is the best one. Results of this test will be expected tomorrow.

Thermo bottles in a row.

To birds this reef is a place of life and death. One quite tamed young seagull was walking around the reef and tried to find something to eat. Today we found it dead on the rock. Couple of days ago we also found a dead eider on the northern rocks.

Dead seagull

The axes have been in severe use as also the chainsaw.  Now it's time for them and the workers to rest a little and go to the sauna.

Axes need some rest.

Place like Märket reef can sometimes be challenging when using computers and their programs.

Markku and Jori focusing on data communication problems.

Friday 26.8.2016

We woke up to the warm, calm, foggy, ”smooth” morning. The seals were singing and large flocks of waders were going round the rocks. The ”best” species of bird was grey plover(Pluvialis squatarola,tundrakurmitsa).In the evening the wind got stonger.


Jori and Markku are admiring the results of the work of 3 days..

ximately 130 great cormorants ( Phalacrocorax carbo, merimetso)were gathered  to the nearby rock.

We continued to cut the firewood. At times it was in place to have some breaks.

Three stack of firewood, 4 meters long and 1,5 meters high, covered with panels.One stack is in another place.

Maybe they will get dry in this place during next spring and summer.

There are still ”some blocks” left to the next groups.

Later in the afternoon the stack looked like this.

Among the blocks there are someones that are very difficult to cut.This one is especially left to Pasi B.

Markku is a radio amateur and in leisure time he has made some contacts using morse code.

Finally the results of the thermos test:

First measurement was made after four hours.

And the winner is bottle number 7. It's water was stil hot in the next morning.

Second price goes to no. 1 and third price no. 6. All others didn't maintain the water hot or even warm.
Saturday 27.8.2016

We had a windy but sunny day. At noon wind was 12 m/s gusting at 16 m/s.

During the last day here on this week we  cleaned up the rooms and  assembled three pictures of other lighthouses onto the walls etc.

The first help equipment was checked.

A wading bird (Calidris alpina,dunlin, suosirri) very near the lighthouse because it was so windy.

A wading bird (Calidris alpina,dunlin, suosirri) very near the lighthouse because it was so windy.

When cutting the firewood we have met some exceptional figures.

Thank you that we had a possibility to spend  this ”wooden” week here at a great lighthouse.
Sunday 28.8.2016

Today it was not possible to make the change of the crew, because the swell on the sea was so big. The wind was very light, but the swell was probably a remain of the yesterday's heavy storm in the Gulf of Botnia.

The northern harbour in the morning

A white-tailed eagle had eaten the dead seagull.

Whole day we expected the departure but due to weather and sea conditions we go to the ”feather-islands” (Höyhensaaret) here at Märket.

Best regards from sunny Märket. Milla, Jori and Markku

Jaa tämä somessa

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