Monday 29.8.2016

The summer storm ”Rauli” last Saturday forced the next Märket crew to wait in Käringssund till Monday until the rough sea settled a bit and made it possibe to enter the reef. Our brave, fearless, skilled, helpful, fantastic boat driver, Mats, was ready to leave his other duties and to take us to Märket during his working day, thanks a lot.

Timo is a first-timer in the crew, Johanna and Pekka Märket veterans.

Struggle through the rough sea.

On shore, finally.

After checking the safety things in the lighthouse it was time to check the islet: Still amazing.

After checking the safety things in the lighthouse it was time to check the islet: Still amazing.

Nations rise and fall, borders come and go, people come and go, but some things don't change.

Tuesday 30.8.2016

First thing in the morning, before breakfast, we went out to admire the waves rolling to the reef in the morning sunlight.

After breakfast we continued the fire wood chopping project started by our predecessors. Warm day, bright sunshine all the time.

What on earth is this?? Our educated guess: A grease press. Any objections?

Shadow of the lighthouse just before the sunset.

Admiring the evening sky.

Wednesday 31.8.2016

Beautiful morning. Clear skies. Nice weather to enjoy Märket's ornamental garden.

Approaching Märket by the rubber boat on Monday in hard wind was...well, somewhat unprofessional. We (=our team leader) decided that we need some practicing in maneuvering the boat. This time everything went ok. We managed not to hit any stones, keep the boat floating and drive around the reef a couple of times.

One of the classic views of Märket, well known to everybody who have had a pleasure to wash the dishes here. You can hardly think of any better view if it happens to be your turn to do the job.

Finishing Märket's biowaste down-stream processing station. Ready to be loaded tomorrow.
Thursday 1.9.2016

Mats had a pet spider, called Erik, in his boat. This one in the picture, a beautiful creature, living in the window of the dining room, we started to call Stina, according to the wife of a former lighthouse keeper.

A young Dunlin (suosirri, kärrsnäppa) found a huge cabbage which had drifted to Märket reef from somewhere. He could not eat it all.

Johanna started to arrange Märket's old items for an exhibition planned for next season.

This is an orignal part of the lighthouse lense system.

Shit happens: Biowaste treatment unit is now up and running.

Standard Märket sunset.
Friday 2.9.2016

Enjoying traditional lighthouse breakfast: Porridge and coffee.

Johanna is documenting old christmas tree decorations of the lighthouse keepers. Christmas tree had always to be brought from the mainland because there were obviously none available here.

What a wonderful day to clean the floor drain of the sauna.

This is no snowfall and there is nothing wrong with the camera lens. Zillions of small insects took advantage of the calm, sunny weather and danced on the front yard. Luckily, on Märket they are not aggressive, blood sucking beasts.

There is a peaceful atmosphere up in the stairway of the lighthouse tower.

Classic selfie of the crew. Tomorrow we are waiting for distinguished visitors: top management of Finnish Lighthouse Society.
Saturday 3.9.2016

Our guests, Katja, Ari, Kimmo, Pasi, Tapio and Markus, arrived for one day visit. They were welcomed by the best possible breakfast which could be created from the content of our fridge. Unfortunately Markus, our electrician wizard, had to leave after checking that everything was ok.

Intense negotiation about strategic visions of Märket maintenance and renovation plans.

We were soaked by heavy rain showers but, actually, there is no bad weather there is only wrong kind of clothing. Never mind anyway, we were looking forward to enjoy Märket's hot sauna.

Clouds over Märket, thunderstorm on the Swedish coast.

Thank you Märket. Tomorrow a new crew will occupy the place.
Sunday 4.9.2016

Stuck on Märket! Wind from NW 12 – 15 m/s. One day visit of our guests will turn to longer stay. Don't know yet how long.

Construction Manager, Kimmo, wants to use the extra time for making plans.

Birds seek shelter and food from Märket. They seem to be so hungry and exhausted that they don't mind us taking pictures really close.

It is rather chilly wind outside. Need some heating.

Time for quiz: Who was the first president of Finland? And who wrote the scifi trilogy ”Foundation”?

Johanna, Timo, Pekka

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