Saturday 29.8.2015

Crew change day! Our departure to Märket was delayed with some hours due to the wind. Luckily Mats got us here by the afternoon and the old crew could start their way home.

Goodbye and thanks to the old crew









The week 36 crew is Helena, Raimo, Eikka, Mikko-Oskari and Heli. We started with a little celebration, not only for being here again (Helena is our only first-timer) but it's Eikka's birthday as well!

The birthday boy









Today we don't have much on our agenda, just to get to know each other and the islet. The old crew was kind to leave us some food so we ate that, it was delicious, thank you!

Lovely views










We did however decide to have our own ancient bonfire night. And did some full moon gazing.








Sunday 30.8.2015

We woke up to a sunny, windy morning and to the sound of waves. After breakfast we checked what we have on our to-do list for this week.

Yesterday we took some cement here with us. Mikko-Oskari and Eikka had to transport it to the lighthouse with a wheelbarrow.








Before starting to prepare lunch, Helena decided to take a quick swim.









Raimo and Eikka fixed the sauna door. It now closes properly.

Eikka found a friend









We were waiting for Mats to visit us. He was going to take down the wind turbine that wasn't working. He also had two visitors with him, Rigmor and Freddy who were celebrating their wedding anniversary. They had picnic with them and looked around on the islet while the work with the turbine continued.

Down goes the turbine









The lovely couple Rigmor and Freddy










We all agree that one of the best things one can do here is just be and watch the ocean. So we took some time to do this and just enjoy the beautiful, warm day.

In the evening we had sauna and Mikko-Oskari grilled us dinner and we ate on the terrace watching the sun go down.

Nice and warm!







Monday 31.8.2015

Sunny and calm, beautiful morning. We had breakfast and started with today's tasks.

Raimo and Eikka did empty our bio toilet.









Washing the dishes is so much fun that both Helena and Mikko-Oskari were doing them today.

















Raimo and Eikka then started to plaster the magazine wall.









Helena made us a delicious soup for lunch. We had a mini siesta before continuing with the work. The weather was still beautiful; it would have been a perfect day to come visit us. Unfortunately it's Monday today so we didn't get any boats over.









We did some photographing, some cleaning and such before dinner and the evening.
Tuesday 1.9.2015

Raimo was up early in the morning when the sun was rising and got some pictures of it.

The sunrise on 1st of September










The morning was calm and cloudy. The weather forecast said that there was good chance for rain today. We still had some plastering to do so Raimo and Eikka prepared the scaffolds.









The sky started to look a bit darker just before lunch.









It started to rain after the lunch. Mikko-Oskari was doing the dishes outside and got profoundly wet in the rain.

The rain started quickly and was gone just as quickly, so we got the plastering done as well. We had to improvise with the tools in order to get the job done.















In the evening we heated the ovens before dinner. Then just took it easy for the rest of the evening.

Great cormorants gathered here because there was an eagle on the next little islet.







Wednesday 2.9.2015

Today we have had rain, fast wind and high waves hitting the islet. Not much to do outside in this kind of weather.








In the morning it wasn't raining that much but towards lunchtime it started pouring down. Helena has made us delicious meals, Raimo and Eikka have been organizing our storage. And otherwise it has been stay-in day. Of course, when the rain and wind has allowed, also to try to get some pictures of the waves.








We heated the ovens as well, it's a bit more chilly in the lighthouse due to the wind, and had also sauna in the evening.









One of those days when you look at the sea around you and you feel small, humble and strangely joyful.







Thursday 3.9.2015

By the morning the wind and the waves had calmed down from yesterday. It was still raining a bit so we didn't do that much outside work. Helena did the dishes and Raimo and Eikka continued organizing the storage.









Thursday is the traditional pea soup day and that's what Mikko-Oskari made for lunch. He also made a delicious pancake for dessert. We ate so much that it took a short siesta before we could continue with the day's tasks.















The rain had finally ended. Eikka did some finishing to the plastering they did on Tuesday and when it was fixed, Raimo and Eikka took down the scaffolds and put them up on the other side of the magazine in order to continue the plastering.

















Helena made us chicken for dinner and even the blue sky started to show behind the clouds.









Even the sun came out shortly in the evening, but unfortunately it went hiding behind the clouds again before sunset.
Friday 4.9.2015

The morning was sunny and a bit windy. We had breakfast and started with the day's tasks.









Raimo and Eikka fixed the scaffolds and started plastering the magazine wall.









After lunch we started cleaning the lighthouse for the next crew. Mikko-Oskari did the dishes, Raimo and Eikka continued with the plastering and Helena was doing some photographic modelling.

















Heli taking photos and looking after the props









In the evening we finished the cleaning and had delicious dinner. We closed the shop for this week and started packing for the departure tomorrow. We even got a beautiful sunset to end the evening with.

Even the cliffs are smiling









Thank you for this time Märket and see you – hopefully – soon again!

Jaa tämä somessa

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