Sunday and Monday 4.-5.9.2016

Due to heavy wind it was difficult to land in Märket. We had to wait for an extra day the wind to calm down. Those in the Lighthouse got also one extra day to watch high waves of the autumn sea.

For the week 36 crew it was a pleasure to see Aland as a tourist.

In the Maritime Museum of Mariehamn: the original fresnel lens of Märket

The storm on Sunday

Käringsund guest harbour and Mats´boat: finally!

Crew heading to Märket

Change over of the crew by the rubber boat of Märket in the heavy wind

Lifting the boat on the trailer by the winch

Happy new crew

At the end of the day: we were lucky enough to see the Northern lights

Tuesday 6.9.2016

After breakfast Pasi guided us first timers with the safety instructions and practical arrangements. We got also a guided tour inside the lighthouse and around the island.

Little details from generator room

Inside the shop

After delicious lunch we were practicing the use of the rubber boat and the outboard motor.

Tuesday continued with the daily lighthouse routines and a dinner. The day ended up with sauna, sunset and the best sea view of Finland – and later on with strong wind 14 m/s, in gust nearly 17 m/s.

Wednesday 7.9.2016

Jukka was the early bird of Wednesday: he woke up at 6 am to see the sunrise.

The rest of the crew started their day a bit later – but after breakfast every of us were full with energy for today´s tasks: painting, cooking, cleaning and repainting the ceiling of the dining room.

In the sunny and warm (nearly 20 degrees) afternoon three of us, Pasi, Jukka and Ellu, went to see the islet nearby. Far away from the rubber boat we could actually see a tiny spot of a seal but a big crowd of seals were missed this time.

After the boat trip the work day continued with different kind of tasks: Pasi was painting, Jarna was making dinner, Ellu helped in the kitchen and Jukka continued with the ceiling and did also an inventory in the Märket shop upstairs.

Pasi in the main harbour

Märket quizz: who is he/she doing the dishes?

Zucchini boats by Jarna

In the evening Jarna and Pasi connected Jarna´s cousin Kari with ham radio and at the end of the connection Jarna said her 73´s and 88´s.

Thursday 8.9.2016

Thursday morning started with lovely sunshine and big waves again.

Different kind of meters to be found inside the Märket Lighthouse area.

The museum room full with fascinating items

Various tasks today in Märket: today for example gardening and stripping the paint

Friday 9.9.2016

Today started with surprise: Ellu was the first who woke up.

Different kind of ring buoys and Pasi

Jarna and vellikello

Since Friday is most likely our last day here it included a lot of cleaning and prepairing Märket for the next crew - and shopping.

Thank you Märket for the wonderful experience – see you again soon!

A poem written by Jukka:

"We have spent a splendid week,

With work and leisure,

Silent wind and stormy weather,

Through the waves of sea,

our limits to seek.

We were astonished by the

colours of sunset, and sun to rise‪,

Bridge of the moon in the darkness of sky and

tiny flowers in stones to hide.

From our rubber boat we saw a seal,

Glittering skin,

big eyes with lenghty lash

Happiness and joy for us to share

Our mind and soul to heal.

This is Märket, lighthouse at the sea. We'll meet again, for sure, its a deal."

Jaa tämä somessa

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