Saturday 10.9.2016

Aarni is unloading the car in the idyllic harbour of Käringssund which is also home of Mats´ boat.

Mats is approaching the northern harbour in fine and sunny weather. The crew of previous week is already waiting to help fastening the boat and unloading equipment and bags.

Märket veterans Henri and Aarni, are guiding the first-timer, Anssi (photographer), to the history and secrets of the lighthouse.

Already in the first day in Märket we have surprise visitors from Grislehamn, Sweden. Veronica Oscarsson and family Witt (Marco, Marja and Joacim) were very interested in the history of Märket and the work of the Finnish Lighthouse Society.

The new crew (Henri, Anssi and Aarni) are enjoying the fine evening of September.
Sunday 11.9.2016


At noon the weather was foggy, but only half an hour. The wind was rising and …

at noon wind was 11 m/s from southwest.

A fish eye view of Märket

Perhaps the most western diswashmachine of Finland (with the magnificent scenery, of course)
Monday 12.9.2016

In the morning it was so calm that Aarni gave Anssi lessons how to handle and operate the dinghy.

The training trip headed to the nearby islets. First to Märketshällar.

Then to south-east from Märket to watch grey seals (few seen in the water). The sea of Åland was so very calm. Only swells rolled the dinghy. All what needed was a lullaby.

The training session was completed by lifting the dinghy to the docking station.

The third day was ending as beautifully as it began.
Tuesday 13.9.2016

Before noon Aarni repainted the moorings in the northern harbour.

Also the bridge`s rails needed some repainting.

This Goldcrest (hippiäinen) was obviously interested in birdwatching, because it needed the (Olympus) binoculars.
Wednesday 14.9.2016


Before noon the Finnish Coast Guard visited on Märket. They came to check their cameras and gears.

They listened to what Henri told about Märket and specially about the westernmost sauna of Finland.

After  Cost Guard  had left the island, soon we had visitors from Sweden. Three men and a dog  came  to Märket with very old swedish navyboat. Only two of them hopped ashore.

Anders and P-O were impressed in renovationwork what the members of  The Finnish Lighthouse Society had done.
Thursday 15.9.2016


Dinghy lession 2: How to inflate the dinghy when it needs more air.

Today we had again visitors from The Finnish Coastguard. This time from nearby patrolship.

We gave them also a tour in and out Märket lighthouse. After the tour we drank a cup of coffee with them in the diningroom.

During the day the wind  rose up to 8-9 m/s.


And it was impossible to come ashore in the northern harbour. Earlier the Coastguard noticed this too and they came ashore from south.

It was not hard to imagine why these iron windows were needed when the power of waves hit against island in heavy northern storm.

In the shadow of the wall this little fellow (Dunlin, suosirri) met end of its short life.
Friday 16.9.2016



Cleaning the condense waterpipes of lanternbooth with iron wire.


Rolling stones on Märket. The storm had piled these stones of the wall.

After days routine and works there were time to hobby.

During the week Aarni spotted 52 different species of bird. Few of them were rare such as Peregrine (Falco peregrinus), Purple Sandpiper (Calidris maritima) and Yellow-browed Warbler (Phylloscopus inornatus).


Henri is a radio amateur. During the week Henri (0J0JR) made over 3000 contacts.

After this week Märket will remain on my mind permanently. Therefore perhaps I`ll be back.

Jaa tämä somessa

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