Saturday 5.9.2015

Week started again at Käringsund. Minna checking food purchases.









Approaching the northern harbour. Eikka is waiting us.










Two tourists came with us.

Frida from Åland and Eric from USA.









Fire extinguishers were also checked today by Hamsafe inspector.









Heli, Helena and Mikko-Oskari of the week 36 team are leaving Märket, Eino and Raimo will stay one week more. New members for week 37 are Minna and Matti.












Many kinds of birds were greeting us on first day; white tail eagles, cormorants, sandpipers, wagtails, different gulls...

The last swallow chick of the summer is still in the nest.








Sunday 6.9.2015

Sunday morning was broken very bight and warm and wind was mild.









We started to build concrete support under one corner of the boat building but rain interrupted our work.











Because it was raining in the afternoon we had time to spend Sunday, read books, have good coffee conversations, make plans for the week...

We have already familiarized with good food; thanks for Minna. Today we got for lunch rice and fried chicken breast in good sauce. For dessert pear in chocolate topping.











In the afternoon the wind began to rise and in the evening the wind speed was already about 16 m/s, in gusts 19 m/s.
























Monday 7.9.2015

Morning until the noon was dedicated to photographing. Nature gave it's best; sun was shining and the sea was swelling. Wind was about 20 m/s and waves hit to the islet.








































In the afternoon men continued concrete-work and Minna concentrated to make food and to bake buns, which were really delicious; everybody ate about four buns.
















Tuesday 8.9.2015

Tuesday was also very windy and strong waves crossed the islet on the both side the lighthouse. Weather was bright and sunny so we had very beautiful spectacle the whole day.
































We worked at south wall of the boat building. First we disassembled the scaffolds and then we filled the gaps of the stone foundation.

























Sparrow hawk oversees our chores.
Wednesday 9.9.2015

Summer continued at Märket. Sun was shining all the day, temperature 15–16°C and wind speed only 3–4 m/s. We continued working with stone foundations. The south end of the building looks already very good.

















Raimo’s turn to make dishes (it's almost always Raimo’s turn).









During our daily chores we followed the traffic passing by Märket and Understen.









Very pleasant guest and easy to recognize; white tail eagle.
















Eikka relaxing.








Thursday 10.9.2015

Warm and sunny September day again. Mats brought logs of firewood by his barge. It was a little bit hard work for three oldish men and one woman to empty the load with him. As a return load Mats took disassembled windmill mast.




























Also today one corner of the boat building became replastered by Eikka.










Raimo has taken responsibility to keep our rooms dry and warm. He also warmed up sauna very enjoyable today.
















Friday 11.9.2015

Yesterday evening Märket sunset was once again delightful.










After sunset came a ship and stayed over the night on roadstead south on the islet. In the morning its crew, diving group of Sub Aqua Club Marinus r.y. landed in north harbour.









Jorma, Mikko, Ninja, Petri, Linus, Sar, Joona, Anja and Tuomas.








Eikka and Matti checking and finishing the wall at third floor room.









A woman at work. Minna chopping firewood.









A man at work. Raimo washing the sauna...









…and beating a rug.










Week 37 team Minna, Matti Raimo and Eikka. Thanks Märket again.










Best wishes

Minna, Eino, Raimo and Matti

Jaa tämä somessa

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