Saturday 17.9.2016

Eckerö and the light was beautiful in the morning. The wind was smooth enough for our arrival to Märket.

The first day was a good start for the week in the lighthouse: sunny weather, great food (some delicious lentil soup for the lunch and fish for the dinner), good company and the most important: the astonishingly beautiful lighthouse and island. We're altogether three people for the week 38/2016: Raimo and Eino has been here (almost) every year since 2010 and this is Johanna's second time in Märket since 2011.

The heros of the summer 2016: Raimo and Eino cleaned both of the toilets. Handclaps!

Little bird found its way inside the lighthouse, so whistlening and singing was needed in order to take the bird outside.

The first day was a bit windy, chilly but sunny.
Sunday 18.9.2016

We made a short trip to the small rocky island close-by Märket. Unfortunately we didn't spot any seals. Maybe they were having their morning swim elsewhere.

Around noon we had some visitors. Two men were paddlening from Sweden to Åland, and made a stop by Märket. By an accident another group from Åland came at the very same time.

Johanna guided in Swedish both of the groups around the lighthouse. One person told during the guidance that a member of her family was a lighthouse keeper in Märket some time ago (in the 1960s).

At Märket there is the best possible French binoculars in Märket and a white-taled eagle was seen this morning among others.
Monday 19.9.2016

As the lighthouse season is getting little by little to the end, some inventarory and cleaning business was made. We cleaned the kitchen and windows of Märket. Raimo and Eino also cleaned the stones of the sauna heater, so gentle sauna was guaranteed this evening.

The wheather was good for reading book outside the lighthouse and waching the wonderful landscape.
Tuesday 20.9.2016

There was a full moon last night. The lighthouse Märket is also really admirable during the night time.

This morning the dish washing ceremony was presented by Johanna.

We got a little helper for the ongoing window and kitchen cleaning process. All and all the day was good and the sunny wheather continues here at Märket.

Wednesday 21.9.2016

We continued the cleaning and found for example five coffee machines and a lot of knives, forks and spoons. To summarize: there is a possibility to take good care of a bunch of people in the island.

The sunny wheather continues: can you believe that it's +24 degree in mid-September? Lucky us. Märket has also great autumn colours!
Thursday 22.9.2016

The kitchen of Märket is a really creative and inspiring place. You end up doing a vegeterian soup when you realize that your week is going to end here soon and you start emptying the fridge.

The original wallpapers of Märket (located in the first floor of the lighthouse) throw you back in the old times but also serve today: pure beauty.

The window cleaning ended up today to the highest point of the lighthouse: lantern.
Friday 23.9.2016

Yesterday's and today's visitor was a greylag goose.

Some fresh, baked roll.

It has been a superb week! We all are feeling really good about our week here at Märket. Tomorrow is time to leave. But one thing is for sure: we'll be back.

Jaa tämä somessa

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