Saturday 12.9.2015

Here we come, hi there Märket!










A quick change of crews as the wind didn't allow getting onshore the easy way. Fortunately Matti is staying two weeks on a row so we got the briefing after the previous crew was already on their way.









Also our lunch was neatly waiting for us on the stove (thank you Minna!) so as soon as we got our tons of baggage carried in and our bellies stuffed, we attacked the pile of wood with axes and chainsaw.









Pile them up on a wheelbarrow...









...and up it goes










An early wake-up, fresh sea air and healthy amount of physical labour topped off with a luxurious, relaxing sauna guarantees a good night sleep. Though, there's no excuse for missing out the legendary Märket sunsets on the rocks. Happy to be here!








Sunday 13.9.2015

Loooong tight sleep, slow start of the day and breakfast out on the terrace with a fair sea view. Wuhuu, it's a Sunday on Märket! :)

Wood factory started up again, looks like that job is going to last for some while still. It's a bit windy today but altogether a perfect weather for this kind of task. It's nice to see how fast the piles grow. There will be many happy people during the autumn and next spring enjoying sauna with these woods! Including us, of course. The ”new” sauna is exquisite!









Oh well... what happened? Where did all the wood choppers go? ...Hello? ...Anyone?









Ok, I got it. It's time for a coffee break and lemon cake on the rooftop. View included.











Some more wood chopping and then off we go, to a sightseeing tour around the islet. It's funny how long it takes to walk around such a small place! Stopping here and there to see and admire all the small wonders of Märket, and every time there's something you haven't seen before. And every time it makes you as happy to be here. There's amazingly MUCH on this islet.

Master chef working on Sunday dinner. I can tell it was delicious!









A little art work for the night. Piece of beauty.








Monday 14.9.2015

A little wood work in the morning for a warm-up. There's a slight dilemma;









Note the borderline, half of the woods are in Sweden, half in Finland. We needed to have a meeting to decide what to do about the Swedish stuff; maybe we'll just wait for the dark :)

Today was a Maintenance day of the lighthouse. There was some points to follow on the task list, but our highly qualified crew managed to figure out a lot more to add on...









First we started with checking the windows for any possible leaking (never finished this task). Right after opening the first one, kitchen window, we noted there's a fairly respectable layer of spider webs between us and the outer window, so we went to look for a vacuum cleaner. Finally found one and dragged it into the kitchen. It didn't work. So we needed to clean the vacuum cleaner first.

















Now the window is relatively clean, cobwebs are gone and the vacuum cleaner works. Rest of the windows are yet to be checked...

Next we headed up to lantern tower, as much for the checklist as to finish the guided tour we started the other day. Look what we found there! Nobody knows how long he's been caged there, must be a rare species :)















Some very important tasks were completed, cleaning up some stuck pipes, adding some fluid there and taking some off here, I'm sure it's all fairly in some sort of balance after all this serious effort!















Most important inspection of all, a close look to the core of the lighthouse, please note the professional touch! Might be that this saved a lot of ships from turning into wrecks nearby... :)















It's a bit windy up there. Makes your hair fly.









What a lovely day it was, full of laughter and lots of nice things to do. Enjoying full-hearted this magnificent, exceptional environment. Beautiful Märket! And please note the Important Inspectors on top.














Tuesday 15.9.2015

Day of changing weather.

Morning at Märket opened beautiful and peaceful.










After breakfast we continued firewood work but we had to stop working because the wind was rising up quickly. We kept our focus on photographing.









In couple of hours the wind speed was already 17–18 m/s, in gusts 20m/s.










Wind direction was from South and the character the waves were different compared to North wind; now they couldn't climb over the islet.

















In the afternoon we got also rain during couple of hours the wind began to subside.

In few minutes the sun won again and tip tide all around the islet continued its play.









...and one more link in the chain on fascinating Märket sunsets.














Wednesday 16.9.2015

One member of the crew wakes up (too) early every morning. Two others are afraid already in the evening what kind of wake-up they will get next morning. Is it noise of chain saw, hammer, grinder...? Today wheelbarrow bells were ringing.

















Selection of birds is decreasing every day. Today at least these stopped to greet us on the way to South. For example our constant companion gold crest has stayed away; maybe it doesn't be able to struggle against to continuous wind.

This beautiful jellyfish was only on the way to the other side of the islet.










We learned to use the rubber boat. Unfortunately the wind prevented ride for pleasure around Märket and to the close islets.

















Next week at Märket will live normal voluntary crew plus group of radio amateurs and it requires very tight contemplation about catering.
Thursday 17.9.2015

The main task of the week has been to chop firewood. In the morning logs were again waiting eager shoulders and axes.

...waiting for workers.









Finally. The last log in four pieces.










It's done! The hoist has also dropped down the wheelbarrow the last time.









It's time to relax and get some side dish to menu.









Fine, they succeeded.










After rainy and windy working day, it's heavenly to enjoy of Märket’s cosy warmth.








Friday 18.9.2015

Friday, the last day at Märket. We waited four radio amateurs to come in the morning but they had to postpone their boat trip to Saturday. They will come in normal Saturday change, which also will be delayed to afternoon. All these delays because of powerful wind.

The last tasks. Matti working with the third layer chimney.

















Sami washing the sauna terrace.









The day was also day of sauna and swimming. In the evening traditional Finnish delicacies...









...grilled sausage










...and pancakes, of cause with strawberry jam and whipped cream.










Sami, Mirka and Matti. Week 38 Happy after one week listening roar of waves and watching whitecaps.










Jaa tämä somessa

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