Saturday 19.9.2015

Week 39 volunteer week started quite an interesting way. Radio amateurs and Pera were stuck to Eckerö and ladies arrived to Marienhamn over three hours late due to heavy storm.

On the way to Eckerö we found different kinds of signposts to harvest festival.

















Our boat to Märket left at 3 pm so we had free time to spend in Eckerö. One group visited in Post museum. In the picture radio amateurs Tom, Dietmar, Roman and Anne from our volunteer group.
















"Travelling light" actual this was only one 1/3 of equipments that radio amateurs had with them.








The journey was quite wet but beautiful because the sun was shining.




















The picture says it all. Good night, sleep tight.








Sunday 20.9.2015

Cooperation to get the antenna up.









Radio amateur Dietmar at the work during the Nordic contest. End result 1800 contacts from 150 countries.










Laura piles the firewood on the terrace to get dry.

















Combination of the beauty of wood and sea.









Dishwasher in action.








Monday 21.9.2015

On Monday morning sun was shining through the clouds. Good beginning for the work week.



















Today we concentrated on short, middle and long waves true building antennas.




















































Märket shows our radio amateurs her best sides.








Tuesday 22.9.2015

Tuesday morning also started with a beautiful sunrise.







Today the rest of the antennas was going to be build and lift up.

































Also all rainwater tanks needed to be cleaned before the heavy autumn rains.








After the sweaty work ladies took a refreshing dip in the sea.















Because the day was so beautiful – almost perfect we received a boat with tourists. Pera guided the group from top to bottom in the lighthouse.



















After guiding we had multinational coffee break with 5 different nationalities.







Wednesday 23.9.2015

Wednesday – half of the week sadly pasted. All antennas are now built so we decided to start lighthouse storages cleaning.








The final results of the rooms were quite good – or even extremely good.







Making food creates dishes and as we have many women in this week staff we recruited Pera to upgrade the "dishwasher" to next level.






















Hard work demands relaxing spare time so we concentrated on watching sea life. Laura discovered "Hylje"…








…and Anne photographed Clariris Maritimas.







Thursday 24.9.2015

Thursday morning started with a rain. After a nourishing breakfast we started to do the tasks that were in the list.

Laura washed the sauna thoroughly – from floor to windows. Sauna's pot before and after the cleaning.

First trial with a Pera's upgraded "dishwasher"








Men doing the dishes and ladies cleaning the buoys















After a hard working day we enjoyed the beautiful sunset and the moon












Jaa tämä somessa

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