Sunday 2.10.2016

Due to hard wind our departure was delayed until Sunday.

We left Käringsundet together with 10 orrnithologists via Signilskär and only Ari and Fred continued to Märket.

Morning sunrise

Birdwatchers´ cabin at Signislkär

We started in foggy weather but after Signilskär we had a sunny weather.

At Märket the crew change was made in a big hurry due to big waves.

First we familiarized with Märket and the lighthouse as it was one year from the last visit for both of us. The lighthouse island was full of small birds, Great tit (Parus major). They were playing with the windtransmitter and flue in out of the building.

Birds on the windtransmitter

We also saw a big bird, Sea eagle (Haliaeetus albisilla), which had eaten a seagull.
Monday 3.10.2016

Nice, sunny morning, 11 degrees, gentle breeze 4 m/s.

Ari got the first dishturn in the ”arctic” kitchen.

The small birds had their morning wash.

Somebody has sawed the rock?

Small paths in the thick forest.

The wind was increasing in the evening.

The time before the strong breeze.

Tuesday 4.10.2016

A sunny but windy morning, 13 m/s NNE, 10 degree.

The small birds had problems with the wind.

The Märket way to dry firewoods.

We had sauna in the evening.
Wensday 5.10.2016

A nice sunny morning again, 11 m/s and 8.2 degrees.

After the morning coffee we moved bricks from the firewood storage down to an other storage.

The woodmaterial  in the storage in Makasiinis 1 Floor was sort out.

The day has been sunny, about 8 – 9 degrees, windy, 11 – 12 m/s. The building is becoming quite chilly and because of the wind direction NE – NNE we should not put fire in the fireplaces. All smoke would come in to the room.

But we did it in one fireplace anyway – we were forced to do it – successfully, so now we have at least one warm room.

The treasure is behind the sea

We went early to bed. So did the small birds.

Thursday 6.10.2016

The morning was a copy of earlier mornings: sunny, 8.8 degrees, wind only 6.7 m/s NE.

Morning sun

After the morning coffee we stabilized the compost and transported some firewoods to the sauna for drying.

The wind from north emptied our small harbour from water.

Freds turn for dishwashing

In the harbour we found a mystical float.

In the evening we had sauna and dried the firewoods. Our try to warm up one room became a disaster. It worked in the evening before but not now. The bulding was filled with smoke and the firealarm was tested in real conditions. We used water to extinguish the fire in the fireplace. So the building is becoming colder day by day. 13 degrees inside in the evening. Outside 10,3 degrees and 9.7 m/s NNE.
Friday 7.10.2016

Sunny morning again, 8,4 degrees, 9.5 m/s NE. After the morningcoffee we tried to fix the problem with the smoke. Ari did tape the hatch on the roof, Fred secured with a rope.

We had a quickvisit of some longtailed tits and common redpolls.

Pyrstötiainen= longtailed tit

Urpiainen= common redpol

In the afternoon we just enjoid of the small storm and big waves. We warmed up with gas in the kitchenstove.

Early in bed.
Saturday 8.10.2016

Now a different morning: cloudy and windy, 7.1 degree and 11 m/s ENE. Big waves.

Inside the buildig 12 degree in bedrooms and in the kitchen 16. We are using gas in the stove now and then again to get some heat as we can´t have fire in the fireplaces. If the wind would change direction, we could heat with firewoods. Very difficult when the wind is blowing between NNE-ENE.

A  lazy day as we don´t have any working list and outside is could and windy. 7.5 degree and 11 m/s NE.

The birds are helping us in checking the traffic around Märket.

Due to the cloudy weather the generator went on, first time during our visit. There are no leaves on the tree behind the Lilla Märket – autumn has comed.

In the evening we succeeded  in warming up the dining room. Of course we checked at the same time that the firealarm still is working. Now we have one warm room in the building.

Sunday 9.10.2016

We woke up after 8 o´clock as we don´t have any working duty. Cloudy, 8,0 degrees, 9,5 m/s  ENE.

The wind turned to E (7,8 m/s, 8,3 degrees) so we decided to try with the fireplaces in the other rooms. And we succeeded without testing the firealarms. A shame we don´t have champagne! Now we have three (2 in the I-floor, 1 in the II-floor) warm rooms.

Later we tryed to to put fire in the dining room fireplace, but that ended to be test of firealarm equipment. So in the afternoon we have two warm rooms, not three.

Ari was taking photos of several birds on this rock or small island:

Urpiainen = common redpoll ”Loves me, loves me not, loves me...”

Blue tit (sinitiainen) and long-tailed tit (pyrstötiainen) climbing


In the afternoon we just looked at the weather and listened to weather reports. No good news. We were informed that we will be realesed  from this could ”jail” tomorrow. We will see.

In the evening we ”dried some firewoods” in the sauna.

Jaa tämä somessa

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