Going to Märket is always exiting and fun. Saturday is the crew changing day and the weather is the main topic. Today we were lucky with the winds and the north harbor was possible. Because of the very early start at Maarianhamina, we were all quite tired and decided to take it easy for the first day. Kai has not been here before so we took a tour around the islet and introduced him the lighthouse.

Relaxing at Märket is not complete without food. Minna is the chef of the week, Saturday evening menu included fish soup.


Sunday is traditionally the day for rest but since we rested on Saturday this day we worked. Kai started with the door handles, most of them are quite loose and hanging. Tricky task since we don't have any spare parts here but some of the handles are better now, at least tightened.

Toilets were full and the season is coming towards ending. Emptying the toilets is not the most fun work to do but in the fresh marine climate it is tolerable. Weather is windy at the moment, south wind unfortunately, so we are not able to do anything with the buoys which should be rescued from the sea before winter.

Plastering underneath the walking bridge is in bad shape. We are not sure if the weather conditions are going to be suitable for plastering but today men built up the scaffolding anyway just in case. Situation of the current plaster was evaluated, iron is visible so let's see if we manage to fix the problem.


Windy day but from south. Today you must have strong lean forward if you wish to walk for example from the lighthouse to the pissoir. South wind does not rise the water over the islet but still our photographer have managed to capture some nice waves.

Admiring the power of the nature is fascinating and it is fun to test ones own power while walking around the islet. Ari, Kai and Jori took a lot of pictures, Minna and Raimo were satisfied with smaller amount of pictures and watching the scenery closer to the lighthouse and from the walking bridge.

Some plastering to the walking bridge was also done, since it was a good weather to dry the plaster. We will see tomorrow if the men succeeded in the job.


After strong wind and rainy night the morning came with the sun. The day was really lovely, warm and mild, so we enjoyed this nice October day mostly outside. Two white-tailed eagles also circled around the islet, mostly captured by binoculars since the cameras were not ready on the right moment but Ari managed to get the eagle flying.

Today it was also Raimo's name day so we started breakfast with congratulations song! Minna baked buns for the afternoon coffee to celebrate.

Just in front of the lighthouse water easily stays and it has broken the plastering. Today men worked a lot to solve this problem. Base work is done so probably they will complete this during our week.

Raimo is our janitor, he keeps us, sauna and the lighthouse warm. Today was fun to close the day in sauna, it is lovely to do the washing up watching the sunset in the sauna window.


Sunny and windy, ideal day for plastering. Ari and Kai worked with the edge of the lighthouse in front yard. The goal is to prevent water accumulating which then gets to broke the foundation of the lighthouse.

Otherwise we have done some chores regarding to the closing of the lighthouse, inventory of the food and paint for example. And today's highlight was of course sauna, some of the men also took a swim. Quite cold water apparently but refreshing.


We wonder how it is going to be with the crew change this time. Autumn is a tricky season because of the weather but still the best season to be here, at least this crew thinks so. But the change will happen one way or the other so no worries. Lighthouse is warm and cozy and we have good food, what more can one hope.

Inventory and moving things inside have continued, along some plastering. Front yard needs more concrete than we have here, but that work can be done on next summer.

Working here has the specialty of the scenery, you can watch the sea and the waves long time, it is so hypnotizing.


Fresh north wind, average 15 m / s, and sea is giving us a great show. When sun and rain take turns it is possible to see rainbow. Unfortunately we did not find the treasure though but it looks like it is in the lighthouse groundings...

Besides taking pictures some closing work was also done, mostly outside. The front yard fence is now collected to the storage before winter and same thing was done for the furniture in the terrace. Also the water has been changed in the swimming pools around islet!

We have been cleaning up the lighthouse from the inside as well and Minna have done cooking as usual. Märket has a good kitchen, nothing is missing. Well, maybe running water but since the water runs outside quite fast on days like this, it is enough.




Jaa tämä somessa

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