Tuesday 11.10.2016

We arrived to Eckerö on Monday 10.10 afternoon with high hopes of finally going to Märket. Unfortunately it was not possible because of the winds. So we gathered our things and food and went to Granberg's friendly guesthouse for the next night. Even though the disappointment, we were happy to stay in  warm and cozy rooms.

Tuesday we had a whole day to visit Åland's tourist attactions and we chose Åland Maritime Museum and Stallhagen's brewery.

Both were very interesting places and a lot of fun! In the museum it was lovely to see among other things Märket's original lens.

On Tuesday evening we finally were able to go to Märket. North ”harbour” was not possible but south was with rubber boat.

Water level is very very low at the moment so rubber boat steering was a careful job. Leaving shift was happy to go home and they managed to warm up one bedroom  despite of the difficulties with the smoke and for that Minna is grateful, so thank you Ari and Fredi!
Wednesday 12.10.2016

Today we started right away to pile up fire wood inside since the winter is coming. First day is allways a little bit sticky but we have all been here before and everybody knows the chores there are at lighthouse.

We have been fortunate because the wind now favours our warming job. Stoves work well today so both bedrooms in first and second floor are warm now as well as dining room. Weather is clowdy, quite cold and moist so we will test the Märket sauna experience too!
Thursday 13.10.2016

Today Minna stole a day from lighthouse society and saved a day in a distance office for her daily workplace. Lovely view in this office! Meanwhile Jukka and Kari moved wood inside in a high speed, winter is coming or mayme the speedmaker was a fine smell of fresh buns...

Even though office work needed some concentration, there is always time to bake some buns. Unfortunately we can not eat all of them, major part went to freezer for the last group here. Now it is nice to come and close the place. Well, actually we also ate quite many buns so no worries!

Jukka and Kari drilled two holes to the south harbour rocks for the rubber boat. Now the job needed to be done because the water level is so low and rocks are visible. White paint gives a nice touch to the rope hooks.

Small birds have done an invasion to the islet. Among other usual types of birs we saw today wren and tree creeper. Later was so fast that camera did not catch it.

Friday 14.10.2016

Today we finished the job with the fire wood, all are in from the front yard. Our shift has had the priviledge of warming up the lighthouse, no norh east wind, and since we have done that every day we also can use moist wood and they burn well. All wood boxes are also full now so that wood migt dry a little bit in quite warm lighthouse.

Some jobs are ongoing during the lighthouse season, for example cheking the lantern's rainwater pipes and cleaning up the place for the next lighthousekeepers. But since this our last night here, we have also enjoyed the nature, birds and ever changing view of the sea. Something interesting came from the sea...

Nature gives us signs of the important things in life, also here at Märket!

Jaa tämä somessa

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