Saturday 15.10.2016

New crew met each other early Saturday morning at harbour. Weather seamed quite calm but oh so little did we know. Waves hit Märkets shores so strongly that we had to use rubber boat. Unfortunately there were some problems and our crew change didn´t go as well as it normally does. Because of the proper souht-east wind it was too demanding to drive the rubber boat out from the harbour. Heavily loaded boat got stuck because water is very low at the moment. Also some motor problems occured.

Finally Jukka managed to reach Mats´s boat and climbed in. Now some one shold drive rubber boat back. After Outi had emptied rubber boat from water, the only volunteer was Selja and Riikka promised to assist. Girls succeeded to land nicely – unfortunately wind rised and it was not safe to drive back to get more people.

Mats took back to Eckerö one crew member from last week and three from this new week. So here at Märket are now two crew members from previous week and two new crew members. Two of us don´t have any baggage; those went back to Eckerö.

Rest of the day went wondering what has happened; why we are here but those others not -why those who should not be here are still here.

Sunday 16.10.2016

Early sunday morning we checked the wind situation. South wind was quite strong, but northern harbour seemed to be calm. We phoned rigth away to Mats and he said that he would start boat as fast as possible.

Eventhough crew left Eckerö quickly, the wind started to rose and we were worried would the landing be possilble. Mats tried several times to land and finally he made it. We had only few minutes to move baggages and crew out from the boat and back.

After successful change we were eased and pleased. Those very new ones settled down and after having nice welcomig breakfast Selja held us safety tour. Although we all have been here earlier it is important to remind that we are here middle of the sea and safety is most important thing.

During the day we did some tasks likecleaning the rain water barrels, chopping tinder and heating ovens.

Day ended to a delicious dinner made by Mikko-Oskari.
Monday 17.10.2016

We woke up to a little bit grey Monday morning. After delicious porridge and coffee breakfast everyone scattered to do little tasks. Selja and Outi were determined to wash big rain water tanks, but they didn´t find brush that would have fit into the tank. This puzzle is going to be solved later on this week!

Cold and moist air slips inside and we have to warm fireplaces daily. Quite heavy wind is cooling down temperature inside the lighthouse. Titta was in charge of the heating – she was accepted to One match club today.

Mikko-Oskari made tasty onion soup for lunch for hungry ladies. As a very economic chef he used rest of the soup at dinner time when he served us Lithuanian potatoe-meat-casserole.

Märkets internet connection has not worked since early Sunday. Today we got instructions from Marcus how to fix problem. His advice worked, however it took quite a while before wlan started work properly.

Tuesday 18.10.2016

Today Selja and Outi kept solving promblem from Monday; how to wash big rain water tanks? It didn´t took long for our invntive duo to craft a long extended handle for the brush. And that wasn´t enough; they also solved ingeniously how to empty tanks to the sea.

Titta volunteered to clean kitchen; before Märket will be closed during wintertime, it is necessary to   make an inventory of all our food stock - what can be left here and what don´t survive in moist and cold lighthouse.

Besides food, our job is to make an inventory of various other things. Today we have counted for example gloves and brushes. It will be easier to start next season when places and things are in good order.

Today we have enjoyed a small glimpse of sun for the first time in days. We sat down and enjoyed few moments of the autumn sky -and dreamed of a nice cup of coffee/tea and fresh cinnamon buns.

 Wednesday 19.10.2016

 One of our daily tasks is heating ovens and dish water. We have been very lucky; wind has blown from right direction the whole week, so we have not have any problems with ovens. Riikka made stack of primers to make lighting up even easier.

Today we continued with our work assigments, for example downstairs corridor planks are now washed. While we were washing planks, a big white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) flew right above us, unfortunately we didn´t manage to take photo of it.

Winds are getting very strong upcoming weekend. Today we received a message that a crew change would be possible already tomorrow -next chance could be almost week later on Wednesday. We all decided to leave because other responsibilities are waiting for us out there.

So it seems our week here is almost done; tomorrow we will see if change is really going to happen.
Thursday 20.10.2016

Due to the winds shift change was moved up to Thursday. The weather looked pretty nice at Käringsunds guest harbor.

Coming closer to Märket we discovered that normal shift change places where out of question.

With a good nerves and skills out captain Mats managed to get us connected to the Island and with good teamspirit shift was managed to done. Everyone will probably remember this shift in memories from Märket for a while.

Friday 21.10.2016

After a good night sleep every one of us woke to a new morning at Märket. Today`s wind showed us that yesterday`s shift change had been the right option.

In the morning we went after the things we had left to the other part of Island yesterday because it was too dark to carry them to the lighthouse in the evening.

As this is the closing week for this season, we started the preparations that will continue the whole next week. Seawater is -45 – 50cm lower than normally so no use of the rubber boat any more.

Coming cold Autumn weather is affecting the animals and birds. Frogs, princes or handsome lighthouse keepers are walking slowlier around the Island. A small Great Tit had trapped itself inside a water canister and was totally wet and cold. 30 minutes inside a towel, warm hands and chatting did the job and the Tit was ready to fly.

Due to the low water new options to photo the lighthouse from an other angel is now possible.


Jaa tämä somessa

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