Sunday 30.10.2016

Wind rose in the morning, but also sun.

North side looking pretty nice.

Mirka our Lighthouse master Chef made today pizza. Even the size was huge, almost all was eaten.

Kimmo and Jussi finished the winter service to the outboard motor.

Day ended with a beautiful sunset.
Monday 31.10.2016

The global radio contest ended at 02 am. After couple of months we will know the result.

Morning started with a beautiful sun rise. Too windy for departure …

but suitable for looking at birds and seals.

Jussi started to open and look at the Wikströms one sylinder power engine.

Tuesday 1.11.2016: Aarni, Jussi, Katja, Kimmo & Mirka

Today we started the November month – still at Märket. Day +1 over the planned leaving from the Island.

Radio amateurs left today early in the morning by air

As we are on extra days Mirka and Katja worked from Märket as they had no more holidays.

Autumn winds continues and now with rain. Up to 19m/s.kuva 4
Wednesday 2.11. 2016 Aarni, Jussi, Katja, Kimmo & Mirka

Also today fresh wind woken us up. View from the window was still nice, even not a weather for transportation. Today’s main news no permanent snow but small random snowflakes at 10.11 am.

Every time we find something new in the waves and it is just a must to take a break and go outside to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Due to the wind we needed to move the dish washing place inside “Venevaja”.

Jussi moved the new antenna to position North.



Jaa tämä somessa

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