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Three volunteers of Finnish Lighthouse Society came to islet on saturday 27.4, opened the lighthouse and started the 7th working season.

Inside temperature was austere + 5 C-grades when they began to warm the roomse.

Read more of life & work on the lighthouse island from the Märket diaries (see links on the left).

Märket lighthouse (see the drawing of Märket on the left column) is the most unique lighthouse in Finland because...

The Märket cliff is the most western point of Finland and the lighthouse the most western building in Finland

The Märket cliff was the most western point of Russia in the North 1809-1917.

The border on Märket is very special: the Z-borderline was drawn in 1981 to get the lighthouse "back" to Finland after 96 years on the Swedish side!

Märket is left of the two extreme lighthouses on the Åland sea. The most special lighthouse in Finland, Bogskär, was fired down by German navy in the first world war.

Märket is the only stone building with apartments from the 19th century to stand in the middle of the see (10 kilometres to the nearest neighbour) on Finnish waters

Märket was designed by an architect that later became famous of designing many of the most famous buildings in Tampere, Finland. He was Georg Schreck, who fought alone with his workers on the less than 2 metres high Märket cliff to get the lighthouse ready before the winter in 1885. The lighthouse was lighted first time on the 10th of November 1885, which is now celebrated as the Day of Märket.

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