Five radioamateurs are visiting Märket lighthouse on week 30. Radiomateur is a person who is interested in radios and electronics and in addition holds a valid certificate admitted by the officials.

Three of this weeks radioamateurs are youngsters participating this event arranged by Finnish Lighthouse Society and Finnish Radio Amateur League co-operation. Main task is to practice their skills and knowledge in an exotic and hectic environment.

Märket as a location has a special meaning to radioamateurs around the world because it holds own country identity -OJ0. While there are some 200 sovereign states in the world radioamateurs have 340 different countries -many of them located in remote places and hard to catch.

Radioamaterus make contacts to each other using traditional morse-code and phone transmissions and in increasing trend many digital modes are popular. Contradictions to long distances around the world are possible when radio waves reflect from ionosphere (50-400 km above Earth). In Märket mainly High Frequencies, HF (3-30 MHz) are used as well some QSO’s (QSO = morse code abbreviation for radio contact) are held on 50 MHz Very High Frequency (VHF) band. The propagation of radio waves tend to change during day which drives keen operators to hang on frequencies even in the very late hours.





First radio contacts from Märket were made on Saturday after the amateur station was set up. This pedition was earlier informed among amateurs so youngsters get to work very rush pile-ups (pile-up = many stations calling at the same time) by awaiting amateurs soon after their first call on frequencies. During QSO amateurs change information e.g. on conditions and equipment. In the days of this week several thousands radio contacts are made from Märket around the World.


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