310808 A double bed under construction


Work with the new bed

We arrived yesterday little later than normal time. One reason for this was timber that we needed to buy from Mariehamn. The other was weather. Yvonne and Mats gave us the memoriable boat trip through the big waves. Just a few miles before Märket the boat engine stopped and we drifted a while, until we could continue to Märket.

The former crew gave us a short and clear guiding to routines of Märket. Thanks to Nina, Maija, Jukka and Seppo.

Coffee time!

On sunday 6.25 AM we will catch the sunrising , so we decided to start the day same time. While drinking our morning coffee we saw birds landing on Märket. They have been here the whole day. Our task and goal for this sunday was to make the best double bed of Märket in the old warehouse. We nearly reached the goal. So now we are waiting for calls.

Mikko and Jouni

Ps. Weather today: Wind 9 m/s between N and NE, temperature nearly 15 and waves surrounding us from every directions.


010908 Just a day report...


Wake up at 5.30 because there was a must to manure the Swedish area. Maybe that's why grass is always greener than on the Finnish side?

6.00 Making breakfast.

6.15 Jouni also visited the Swedish area - Heja Sverige!

7.00 Coffee time... Gevalias bekanta aromen... Yeah!

7.07 Back to work. We started to clear up the space for the president suite in the warehouse. There was a lot of old stuff to move.

14.00 Short coffee brake, Mikko took a short time for a cigar.

14.08 Our break went little over, but we continued the work. The afternoon went with mounting of the doublebed in the warehouse.

Where are the workers?

17.00 Sometimes you need to eat something. We decided to make a special dinner. On the meny we had the Italian- French-Käpylä - speciality. For dessert we took coffee (Kulta-Katriina this time!) and small pancakes with strawberry jam.

20.30 We finished our dinner and enjoyed sunset taking fotos in stormy rocks.

21.54 Zzzzzzzzzzz

Jouni and Mikko

Ps. Weather today; Temperature 14, wind SW 10 - 11 m/s.


020908 Where is the wind?


Our morning started at 7.00 a.m. So it looked like we moved to the normaly Märket timetable.

Work started at 8.00. Coffeebrake at ...oho we got the brake at 12.00. So we ruined the timetable again. It seems like hours here in Märket are much shorter than in mainland. During our coffee time the wind calmed down and showers of rain freshed our brake. We had a visit of a seal and five differend species of birds. Of which we could identify only sea-eagle and wagtail. We fret about that here in the lihgthouse there is only a swedish book of birds.

In the afternoon we had a little trouble with the engines of generators, and and our work slowed down. Luckily there was one left in the boathouse.

Märket riddle of this day: What is in this picture?

  1. Waight of buoy

  2. Bunle

  3. Weapon of defence

Lighthouse keepers J & M

Ps. Weather today in Märket, rainshowers, almost no wind at all, temperature: warm enough.


030908 A Short Story


Last night we had two little visitors. Frogs had woken up before storm. It was raining in the evening, wheather report promised us stormy Wednesday.

In the morning while we were taking succesfully care of the little generator, the storm raised. After dinner it calmed a little bit down. A lonely seal visited the northern side of Märket. It took sun bathing on the rock near the green lagoon. Finally our wishes came true, we took a lot of pictures of the seal. Like indians we sneaked nearby.

With this experience we were able to work till evening. So time run again and we had to hurry with the reporting.

--- Men from the Island---

Weather: rain and sun 15 c , wind 9-13 m/s

  1. The answer of the riddle: b. Pundle. (You will catch it when you come here to sleep in the best doublebed of Märket)


040908 Enough breaks today


Morning started at normal time 7.00 a.m. You know, if you are in lighthouse it's good to wake up shortly after sunrise. So you get the possibility to have enough breaks during the daylight time.

Be careful out there!

You see, today we did have enough breaks. After morning coffee we went to look mortar. So you know, hard to find it , if there is many possible places where to look.

So we decided to have break before continuing the work, which was searching the plastering tools. And we found them. So it was time to have one short break.

Coffee break

Luckily it was a little after noon, so we needed not to work more than one hour.


You know, if you love good food, you take enough time to make it. In these conditions, it took us 15 minutes.

After lunch we decided to have only two coffee breaks in the afternoon. As you guess, our working time went very quickly.

If you like to have a good report of the day, it's obviously important to have enough breaks. So you can think what to tell to all you folks out there. Also thanks to the Team. Obviously.

Team Mikko and Jouni

Weather today: Mainly sunny, near the wall 22 c, wind up to 10 m/s. No rain! No rain!

  1. Second Riddle of Märket:

If you are taking this kind of picture, you have to be

  1. a) on the roof

  2. b) flying like a bird

  3. c) on the new terrance cafe of Märket

PPS. Greetings to Mika H


050908 Will the storm come?


You can sleep here well with the sounds of wind and waves. When waking up Mikko wondered what the time is. Surprise, surprise, it was 7.35. We expected a really hard storm to come on Wednesday and that's why boats were up on the lighthouse yard. They have been there since then. To help the next crew we drag the boats back to the shore.

Jouni fixed the frontdoors bolt while Mikko finished the plastering. The weather was so fine that we planned to have our coffee and cigar brake outdoors near the northern harbour. Suddenly weather changed and it started to rain. We had to hurry inside and hope that rain would not damage the plastering.

Rain almost destroyed this brad new plastering

Towards evening we climbed up to the lighthouse tower. Wind blowed refreshing as we looked ships passing by.


Wrinting and sweatting

Greetings to TransAtlantica crew maybe on the voyage to America. Huge cargo ship!

J & M

Weather here in western Finland +16 C, 7 m/s south.

Answer to the riddle of yesterday: C. On the new terrace cafe of Märket. (How to make it; remove the windows of kitchen and enjoy the open atmosphere.)


Jaa tämä somessa

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